Questions That Make You Cringe.

Do you know those questions that totally evade your comfort zone. This I would classify as those that when you are asked, you will first widen your eyes because it’s probably caught you off-guard, if you could get to nail-biting you probably would but because you want to exhume confidence in your answer. But gets you cringed new word

This for me should be put under “Exempt Questions” that can be answered with either of the 4:

1. YES 2. NO 3. MAYBE *let me think about it, can I ask you a question first?* 4. NONE OF THE ABOVE *it’s that bad*

So this thought has emanated from a discussion with my colleagues just about lunch time. My two colleagues were talking about totally unrelated stuff, and my satellite ears picked a word, and as usual I was in the conversation….lol it’s a gift. So as we talked about the unrelated stuff, out of the blues and I mean blues because it was totally unexpected, one of them pulls an

Question 1: “Are you born again?”

Now, eeerrr and he goes ahead to say, it’s either you are or you are not. Gosh! *who thought*, now as I try to think quickly, the most freaky thing cross my mind, do you remember a time in the bible where Jesus told Peter that he’ll deny him 3 times and Peter goes like “nothing, I got your back bruh” #justkidding but something similar. That’s what I felt, Strike 1 “Deny”, Strike 2 “Deny” Strike 3 “Deny” *Cock Crow* ….wololo.

So I go “YES”, but in quick defence I go ahead and say, I believe in God, I read my bible (occasionally), I pray (very often) though i am very open-minded and liberal. So why did I even add all that? I mean did he need to know the extra information.

I felt that, if I say yes, and leave it at that, he shall be quick to judge. In that now because I am born again, all information will be filtered i.e. I ‘m supposed to be a saint and all which is a good thing coming to think of it, but seeing as am liberal in thought and discussions, i felt pinned down by the single most simple answer, YES.

In other related news, never argue about religion or politics, it always ends up to be a competition of sorts.

Question 2: Will you marry me? *Gulp* or even Will you be my girlfriend?

Of course the will you marry me won’t apply to couples who have dated for 10years, are living together and have children, because you are practically married, just the formalities. I’m talking of couples who are dating but that’s all, when the man pops that totally unexpected question?????? *YIKES*

You can’t say NO, that’s just wrong and you don’t want to say YES, seeing as you will have faithfully led yourself to the mouse trap *PS: not in the actual sense of a mouse trap, this is a good mouse trap, it doesn’t kill, it just either has the cheese or doesn’t have the cheese if you know what I mean*

The Ideal answer would be MAYBE…which would then be followed by reverting  is there a word like that questions, which would then in the end lead you to a definite answer of YES/NO, but who wants to hear a maybe #notme, You just want to make sure it’s the right person before plunging yourself.

Question 3: New Job/Job Interview — Then the employer goes like “Are you up for the challenge?”

YES, YES, YES, but wait a second, I would want to ask what challenge exactly we are talking about…i mean we could be on totally different wavelengths. I bet it’s job related. In that case, I would love to answer MAYBE, then I go like so are the challenges job related? or what did you mean, and the answer will then lead me to my YES or NO.

QUOTE OF THE DAY – #Ihatesomequotes … Really?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*