Rant *breath* Vent *exhale*

Haha, this will be the most useless post I have ever posted, because I will beat around the bush, but I’m venting and ranting anyway. Thank God for blogs, that’s just me. I talk in parables and illustrations. And I don’t know how to give my stories or hang myself in front of others…so if you get my drift that’s good.

I’m having such a lousy and stuffed week … YUCK! Isn’t it just weird how at one moment you can be super happy happy happy and the next moment you are at your lowest wondering “what the hell just happened?” Oh well that’s me for this week. But I would say in Swahili  ”Ni msiba wa kujiletea” which just means it’s a misfortune/problem that has been self-inflicted … well maybe misfortune is a big word in this case, I’m actually very fortunate, so I shall just stick to problem.

This is what am experiencing in a nutshell, I had built a foundation on a mistake (it’s very stupid, you will laugh at me, or think Oh my Gosh, how could you? Either of the two), and as much as I knew it was a mistake I still continued to build on it *hits my forehead for acting like such a stupid post-teen*

So anyway, luckily I also use my brains sometimes on non-academic/ non-work related stuff as well #ThankGod, it hit me that I was cautiously just plunging myself into some zone that clearly was all built on a very stupid mistake/thought or whatever that thing was.

It’s was more equivalent to going to Kalahari Desert and expecting it to rain — I mean, if you’re looking  for rain go to rain forest or better yet sub sahara…lol it’s that simple. In that case I was at Kalahari looking for rain *FAIL*

I am not perfect … I’m just a young girl in this very big world and from this mistake I’ve actually learnt a couple of things. I know probably one or two people wouldn’t understand. But from that, the one thing I can say is, ” Nothing ever comes easy“, and if you think it does — re-evaluate because there’s a mishap there. I repeat *Nothing*

In actual sense, I count myself lucky in a way for actually realizing my mistake/wrong doing and taking a stand and being confident enough to cordially move away from it, in a civilized manner and it’s never to be repeated.

Haha, I know you are probably reading ahead to see what is this very sinful thing I did, well as I said, I don’t crucify myself … but I do gather lessons from my mistakes. The worst feeling is when a friend spells out the word mistake for you *MISTAKE* , that is whatever you are doing wrong replace it with mistake in the  **. YIKES! The truth for sure does hurt and pierce the heart *right in the middle* … like the bull’s eye on the dart board (had to say that…lol)

In case you read until here and you thought this is the most LOUSY post you’ve ever read. Sorry, I wasn’t intending for it to be beneficial or particularly interesting to anyone, I’m just venting, ranting and virtually canning myself on the butt.

There’s still a QUOTE OF THE DAY anyway, from my favorite.

PS: In case you intend to ask what this was all about … Don’t! Let bygones are bygones. Thanks blog…for allowing me to implicitly vent.

Signing Off *Kawi*