Rantings of a young girl *shame shame*

It seems when you have so much to do time goes so fast and by the time the day or the week is over you feel like you have basically done nothing. That’s me lately, every time I reach home there’s this empty feeling like there is something I am supposed to do that I haven’t done. And by the time I’m getting to the house I am so exhausted that even cooking is a MAJOR task. All I want is to sit and watch t.v (yes I finally have a t.v *whoop whoop*) or just lie down and sleep.

Juggling up work and other many activities can be so hard. I think it actually needs some serious getting used to. I wonder how our folks hacked bringing us up, going to school and working at the same time…while at the same time dealing with their spouse…because relationships are clearly not as easy either, they could be more tasking that the others things combined.

I think I’ll have a sit down with my mother some day *very soon* and ask her. I’m sure if by the end of the day if you tell a woman of her calibre that you’re tired and you just can’t juggle work and other simple things such as school, they would slap you back to reality with how much responsibilty they have and they still manage to liven up the home.

I need to figure out:

Where do they get their energy from:

I mean, she would come off work, and if she’s doing school she goes, she’s also probably been up and down getting errands done. Then comes home and starts checking the state of the house i.e is it clean, have the meals been prepared. If not she’ll get down to business and get everything looking spic and span.

I, on the other hand, gets out of work and I’m tired and too lazy to do any of that work. I mean I even miss the househelp many at times. Like if only I could get home to a cooked meal… shame shame!

How they do things without complaining:

Tell your mum to help you out in doing something … it could be as simple as getting something cleaned up, to helping you run an errand and they do it straight-up, no complaints. They won’t say I don’t have time or I’ll be so tired. And at the end of the day of the week, they’ll have you sorted, in the midst of all their responsibilities and the number of other errands they have to run, yours will be one of them.

I always have an excuse for everything…and most of them are on the lines of time and exhaustion…lol Now it sounds funny, when I think about it. As in you’re given an errand and the first response is, “ummm I don’t think I’ll have time to do it.”

How they are patient, caring and always there for all of us:

Just as it is, they take up all our pieces together. You can be scattered all over, but she’ll help you pick up your pieces no matter the distances the pieces are apart and no matter how irritating you can be in the process. They take it all in, in stride, they’re patient with you…will do anything for you and they’ll always be there.

I, on the other hand, just doesn’t care what goes on. I’ll do whatever makes me happy not thinking about the rest, if they are affected by the actions, after all “it’s all about me and if I’m happy, then everything else doesn’t matter”.

How or why don’t they press “SNOOZE” once the alarm rings?

If the alarm rings, mothers especially wake up at the 1st ring. Ps: they are the ones who probably slept latest and they are the ones who’ve over worked during the day and night.

I, on the other hand, presses SNOOZE then eventually STOP and I continue sleeping…tsk! tsk! tsk! and she’s the one who’ll wake me up, but now since I live alone, I oversleep…lol

Trying to figure out such stuff, maybe it’s just all in their heads, like they just make up their minds that’s how they are going to be. Since I want to be a good one like her, practice makes perfect. So from today onwards here’s my little purple rule book:

  • I will never sleep hungry because I am too lazy to cook, I’ll just drag my lazy self into cutting up those onions and tomatoes… I mean after all it’s just a short process *yeah right*, even if it means eating them alone.
  • I will not procrastinate because I feel exhausted…that’s my excuse for not meeting my set targets. I mean we are all tired at the end of the day, it’s only human, but I need to find a way to contain that exhaustion.
  • I will not give an excuse related to time or exhaustion unless what I’m being asked to do is very impractical in terms of those two. Otherwise if it makes sense I will find time to do whatever it is.
  • I will not complain when given an assignment or if I’m told to do something outside my comfort zone.
  • I will never SNOOZE * God help* maybe that should be what I give up this season. I mean in my sleep I press the SNOOZE and the STOP simultaneously without opening my eyes…lol. I’m a Snooze pro!
  • I will be patient, caring and there when I’m need or even when I’m not needed.

Yeah basically, let me start with those few and see how it goes. Ok, I don’t have choice, but gosh let me say try in case I’m pushing it too much especially the cooking part. The rest I’m sure I can hack. As for the one i’m a pro at, the one that I’m giving up this season is a MUST.

After all, QUOTE OF THE WEEK says,

“Do something everyday that you don’t want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.” ~ Unknown author

Have a lovely week ahead lovely people’s 🙂

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*