Reality Shows.

This is even embarrassing! but I’m a girl so it’s allowed. Who finds themselves 1st checking which reality show is there when you get hold of a TV even before looking at the news? and you sit yourself comfortably watching other people living their lives and being paid as we watch them…and chances are they are also sitting watching something else … and shuuut they’re getting paid to do that.





Puh! Life can really suck! I wish I could just bum get filmed and get paid as y’all just watch me. That sounds pretty easy, but I highly doubt my life is that interesting to get people glued to the TV. Not that the lives of the ones on the reality show are that interesting either, but we still watch anyway.

Keeping up with the Kardashians


How come no one has never tried that reality show concept in Kenya … haha I would really like to see how that goes. If getting guys to watch local programmes is an issue … now imagine a reality show. Plus us guys have a way of just dramatizing everything especially if we know it’s being filmed … so the reality show won’t be so reality … it’ll be more like a movie in real time.hehe . Plus the way us guys hate on everything we do, I bet reality shows just wouldn’t sell here or would they? #IWonder


Real housewives of Atlanta



Like you want to tell me there are no hot housewives in Kenya who can make some mullah out doing a reality show, showing off nini nini…hehe I’m just trying to imagine how it would be …. ok, I can’t imagine … lol

Why do we do things that we clearly know that we are wasting our time doing but we still do them, because there’s really no value this shows add to our lives … I am not complaining though, because that sometimes is the only way to enjoy life … it’s too short to deny ourselves this life’s little stupid pleasures … such as watching reality shows at the end of the day after spending most of it pulling your hair trying to think … you know the serious stuff you do during the day!

Oh well, I can’t stop watching this reality shows … it’s kinda fun in a lame way!

Okay that was a very random post! Deuces!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*