Saying Out Loud!

It’s so amazing that people get to read my blog and considering it’s the internet, anyone from anywhere can. Where am I getting with this … I have a reader in India. Like really, how cool is that? I wish there was a way that, maybe once a year, bloggers from different countries could have a conference kinda thing where, they meet and interact.

So, Miss. Prathima Gangadhar tagged me in a post “Knock Knock -Surprise“, that asks you to write 7 random facts about you! Plus you get yourself an award’ish … I think she’s pretty cool and I can relate to her posts, check out her blog, “prathi-says“.

So here goes, 7 VERY random facts about me … Things I have never said out loud, but maybe defines me right about now and in case you see me doing some of this stuff, “Thou Shalt NOT Judge“.

  1. I like drinking my tea with a tea-spoon inside the mug … psychologically, it makes the tea taste better for me!
  2. I cut my chapati’s into small pieces and mix it with food while eating, it just makes it easier to eat!
  3. I eat chicken to the bone, even the cartilage, that white thing at the joints. I love chicken!
  4. I don’t know how to ask for major stuff, or rather I find it difficult e.g cash, leave, saying I can’t do something … but for irrelevant things like food, quite easy!
  5. I was never out of love, I just needed some reality checks to know what I really want … now I do and I have you 🙂
  6. I don’t like dirt. I’m a mini – clean freak sometimes, then I get lazy!
  7. Music speaks to me … loads!

Now to do the honors!

To just but a few bloggers I follow, cool people I must say! —-> Say the 7 most random thing that you have not said a loud yet.

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Lovely Weekend, Lovely People’s … xo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

  • so four out of seven are about food!!! mmmhhhh

    • ha ha ha … Enyewe that’s a coincidence, clearly I can never run away from food.

  • Leaving the spoon in the cup makes it cool faster. As in, it’s one way to ‘poesha’ tea. And si u like food? Hehe.

    • hehe that too, though that’s never been by reason.Now I will definitely adopt it since it sounds smarter 🙂
      As for the food #nocomment

  • i like your No. 5 and eh , i wont add my comments on the food. thank you for the tag. your posts add zest (zesta plum jam) to my day (bread)

    • hehe mr.Inked you know best. I’m super glad you enjoy. hmmm you also like the no.5 … bet you’ve been there done that huh! And you’re most welcome for me tagging you … that’s cause I would’ve liked to read yours 🙂

  • I was tagged, *yaay* *happy dance* I do no.1 too, but not coz of sweetness, i like the spoon there.

    • lol, I had to find some reason, esp when everyone keeps insisting I remove it…
      Yes, you got tagged :p glad you’re happy.

  • mutual feeling about conference part and same with 5th point and why haven’t you uploaded the award picture ??

    • oops which award pic was I supposed to upload?
      hmmm no.5 🙂

  • No. 2 is a favourite for me too. More commonly known to us ‘sofaras’ as ‘tumbukiza or sindikiza’! I also feel the same about no.4. Does that make us less self confident?

    • Hahaha Kimani, kumbe that’s what it’s called.
      Of confidence, I don’t think so. I’m too confident for life…lol. I think it’s more of trying to be independent, maybe fear of disappointments too. Like I’d rather try do stuff myself than go asking.