Simple Gets Me.

Do you ever find yourself attracted to the simplicity of the components of the world? To be honest, simplicity totally wows me and certain complexities put me off. I respect the people who’ve did rocket science, seeing as that’s the epitome of all complexities. Maybe, I should just start by explaining what I mean by simplicity so that we can be on the same chain of thought. We don’t want many dangling and cluttering chains now do we? One is good enough for now.


Simplicity is the property, condition, or quality of being simple or un-combined. It often denotes beauty, purity, or clarity. Simple things are usually easier to explain and understand than complicated ones. It is also a term used to denote candor, guilelessness, innocence, straightforwardness, and freedom from duplicity. Source

Simple doesn’t mean stooping low or aiming for average, it means that you’re able to enjoy whatever it is you have and make the most out of it in the best way you know. It seems like the easiest thing even by saying it, but I tend to think it’s one of the hardest things to actually attain. And if you do, then you’re definitely doing something right.

Funny how we sometimes get embarrassed by simplicity no? but in complete honesty, isn’t that the moment you’re at your happiest?It’s when you’re completely yourself because you don’t have to pick your brain so much on whatever it is you’re doing or saying, it just flows. Imagine picking your brain literally like with a pin, the harder you think, the more painful it becomes.

Ever  met someone and pull a, “he’s such a simple guy”. I am guilty of saying that so to say. What I mean is that, the person is not too uptight and they’re free around people hence making it easier to deal with them. Now I get why Leonardo da Vinci said that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I can actually relate.

“I was particularly won over by his sweet disposition, by his general kindness, by his simplicity, and by his friendliness” ~ Louis de Broglie, on the character of Albert Einstein

Sometimes you wonder what about you gets other people, I think your simplicity does. Once that’s done, everything else is pretty much a breeze. Making people try to know a lil’ about you by having them crack their brains doesn’t quite cut it. You end up looking and sounding cold when you want in the end is to create an aura of warmth. After all, it’s never that serious and you don’t have to try so hard…you just have to be you and that’s what simplicity is about.

Do what makes you happy not what makes others happy. If they really care about you, then what makes you happy will eventually make them happy. That’s how you measure who’s important and who’s important…lol and no, that’s not a typographical error.

Now that was with regard to people, but while you’re wondering about people, you could also wonder about gadgets. Then still while at it, you could probably compare. You like gadgets that make life much easier, basically that are more than functional. But don’t you like it when the functional bit is displayed in a way that’s user-friendly, in a way that you’ll understand what step to take next? Yes, no? I am one of those people who look for an interface I can understand, that’s simple. I think simple is beautiful, apple products speak for themselves, need I say more? (May God rest Steve Jobs in peace, I hope he turned and smiled in his grave…).

Don’t forget to be true to yourself,  to others and to say thank you. It’s Thursday, that day when if you forget to do that every other day of the week, Thursday’s give you that opportunity to be Thankful and Truthful.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*