Something New That Made Me Feel Beautiful.

As the saying goes ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,’ it’s a superstition that you need to have all of these included on your big day, so you can have a long and happy marriage. Not that I had that in mind as I put together what I was going to don on our wedding day. It just hit me that I subconsciously had something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue; I’d also read something about it on Chicken Soup for the brides Soul. As I’d mentioned earlier, I didn’t have that ‘wedding day’ folder that contains all the nitty gritties of how you would want your wedding to be. We were pretty much just going with the flow.

Something Old – Watch and Earrings; Something New – Wedding Dress, Veil and Bouquet; Something Borrowed; Flower Hair Pins; Something Blue – Ballet Shoes.

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Caption: Ha ha ha I was amazed by how much energy everyone radiated especially the groom and best-man. From the theme of the wedding, to the color scheme, most of these decisions were made on our couch in between movie breaks on weekends; after conversations with friends; or after a couple of searches on Pinterest. We knew it was such a big deal, and such a big event, but we didn’t want it to be bigger than us, because it’s very easy to do so. We just handled it the way we knew best, and ensured that our expectations stayed grounded within our reality (read budget).

Since time was on our side, we began by listing everything we would need, and I mean everything. And then we started dealing with each activity/item on the list, one by one, locking in vendors. We searched for the vendors, got contacts, booked meetings, observed their offering in terms of quality & professionalism, evaluated their costs against our budget, and settled on them as soon as we both felt comfortable with our choice.

Well, today’s post isn’t about that. It’s about something new that made me feel beautiful on what was the most defining day for me and my husband yet. It was something that I had no idea how I wanted it to turn out, but I knew clearly what I didn’t want. You know, I dislike shopping, and the idea of visiting different bridal shops trying out different bridal gowns didn’t sit well in my mind. Also, I wasn’t ready for the kind of disappointment that comes with shopping. Seeing a dress that you love, only not in your size and chances are that you will not be allowed to adjust it or it’s not within your budget.

I remember seeing my friend’s wedding photo and she had on a beautiful wedding dress. So I thought, why am I stressing and she could just have the answer to my problem. And so I called her and asked her where she got her dress. She told me of her friend, Nkatha Kiruki, who’s a fashion designer, and that I should reach out to her for mine. Without a doubt I did because she’s what I needed, and that’s how my relationship with Nkatha just sprang out of nowhere.

When I called her, she told me to look for a few pictures of the dresses I like, something close to what I would like for mine and share with her. And that I did with the help of my friends and of course Pinterest. So when we met and I was basically transferring my fashion problems to her, because for some reason I felt that she was getting all my frustrations, which weren’t really frustrations, but she still got them and that’s what mattered. She took it all up so graciously.

She’s a sweet soul, and really gifted in her craft and trade. I showed her what I wanted from the collection and explained a little more on the look I was trying to achieve, which was somewhat rustic. She put it down in a sketch, took my measurements and we started making some alterations to the drawing to bring out that aspect. We also made some other alterations to ensure that the dress complemented my body type and personality – hence the flower and choice of color.

Ps: Don’t be carried away by what you see on pictures, and adamantly stick to it. You actually need someone who understands your body type to customize what you see there for you. Because in most cases, we just want to copy-paste, forgetting that besides just the look, your choice of design pretty much speaks loudly to your personality and how you’ll feel wearing it.

We discussed the costing – and she broke down all the costs for me; normally this is the elephant in the room, because in most cases you’re probably a bride on a budget. No shame, I was, and she understood that. We went material shopping with her, and she explained to me the different kinds of materials she’ll use to make the dress, both inside and outside. We chose the material based on her advice (she’s the expert), but with my consent. I really respected that, that she involved me. And she never tired doing those rounds. We even got to chat beyond work, and I got to know a little more about her and she about me.

The thing that impressed me the most about Nkatha, besides her being gifted in her craft, is that she’s such a professional in her trade. It’s one thing being skilled, but it’s another being a professional in how you handle your clients, and how you handle your business. In all the days that I met and interacted with her, I always left feeling fulfilled and at peace with my choice of designer and mostly, my choice of dress. She would always be available and keep time on fitting dates – even when at times we kept her waiting (I’m sorry for such days), and when we had adjustments to be made, she wouldn’t never counter them. Instead, she would advise and you would both agree on how the adjustment will be done.

I remember after my final fitting and sharing the picture with my cousins, they gave their feedback and we needed to reduce the waist band on my dress because it was too wide and they felt that it was hiding my waist. I cringed, because I knew it was a lot of work. But when I went to see her and we talked about it, it made a lot of sense and besides it being a lot of work, which she also admitted, she made some time and worked on it and had it ready by the end of the week. Again, she handled it with so much grace. For her, her concern was that I get the dress early enough to have it cleaned and ready for the wedding day. I think she was more time conscious than I was.

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

She also made my veil, my bouquet and my brides maids dresses, all in line with the dreamy rustic’ish theme. A rustic theme for the wedding was our dreamy expectation, such that if we had bucket loads of money and time we’d have stuck to it to the event set-up. In reality though, she’s the one who made me realize a portion of it with my dress, veil and bouquet.

If you’re a bride-to-be who dislikes shopping as much as I do, and you would love your dress designed and tailored locally by a professional, extremely skilled and affordable designer, reach out to Nkatha Kiruki. If she didn’t make me feel as beautiful and as wholesome as I did, I wouldn’t be doing this, but this is my thank you to her.

To Nkatha, keep doing what you do, and one client at a time, you’ll be the master in your craft and a leader in the fashion industry. You deserve it honey!

Make that booking by giving her a buzz on 0771345009 or through her Facebook Page Nkatha Kiruki Fashion LookBook. Some more photo’s.

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Wedding Day, KawiWedsDion

Photography by Bspoke Kenya (@thanabster and @keganking).

Make up by Makeup By Nzilani

Be blessed.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*