I used to think that am the only one who gets a sudden rush of different feelings on different days or at different times but I guess not and in most cases for no particular reason. Well i’ve figured it’s just human, and that’s why we have feelings in the first place.

Sometimes I just feel sad and I want to seclude myself from the rest of the world, do my things without being questioned, have my privacy.

Sometimes I feel like I want to scream to let out the pressure held inside, it could be positive or negative i.e excitement and happiness, or anxiousness and vent

Sometimes am so happy I want to make funny happy noises, hum to songs, talk to everyone, be here and there.

Sometimes I want to just feel the love, you know, call and text friends, tweet and Facebook.

Sometimes I just feel like bumming, wasting time doing nothing that requires strain of mind..just relax and chill #no stress

Sometimes I feel like a worker-holic and I want to work work work and do more work, see that everything is completed and organized.

Sometimes I feel like I want to party and dance and be in a noisy place with booming loud music and with fun people who just want to have fun.

Sometimes I am so clueless about what I want #confused

Sometimes I feel like it’s just one person I want to be with and if that person ain’t available I would rather just go home than meet others.

Sometimes I just feel like dressing down, not be noticeable fit to the crowd and just hold it down.

Sometimes I feel like dressing up to stand out from the crowd…my yellows and greens and orange.

Sometimes I feel so beautiful and radiant and ready to conquer the world.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t look that good and get all shy and that I just want to stay under the radar.

Sometimes I just want to eat a lot, have craves that I cannot fathom #chicken

Sometimes I just want to think about stuff, that I may not literally thinking but back in my head it’s there whatever that means.

Sometimes I feel like I hate my work and I want to change jobs just because my boss has said or done something, or because I want more challenge.

Sometimes I feel like I love my job…ok am pushing it not love, say like I have been given an assignment that is challenging or that I’m enjoying doing.

These are all feelings I feel, the time is not known when I do, in a day I can feel like five feelings spanning in the 24hrs, but the best thing is that, whether I feel high or low I have learnt to balance myself out so that I don’t go to the extremes of either because then it becomes dangerous one way or another.

That’s enough letting you into my world, hoping that I made sense…hehe Right now as I was writing:

I was feeling  I have the urge to blog about something of which I don’t know 🙂

Signing off — *Kawi*