Speaking Your Truth

And living your own reality.

Wow, it’s been a pretty good while since I wrote and I’ve been wondering where to start. I have not been in the mood to write lately. Like every time I have an idea of what I want to write about and I start it off, I find myself continuously pressing the backspace button and we’re back to nothing. A blank mind. A blank canvas.

My favorite spot on the couch.

I realized that when you’re in this creative space, it’s so difficult to separate your feelings and your imagination. It’s like one influences the other and the more you try to compartmentalize the two into separate boxes in your mind, the more you feel like you’re not being genuine with yourself and with others. And the reason we create is to express ourselves in our truest form. At least that’s why I do it and it’s flows very naturally. Sometimes I am so brutally honest about my feelings and my thoughts, that I only think about what I have said/written after I have said/written it and sometimes it’s after the damage is done.

Then today, I watched this Ted Talk video by Ory Okolloh. I stumbled upon it when I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline. I happen to be quite fond of her online persona for some reason, though I don’t know her in real life. So, I clicked on it to watch why she became an activist. I feel like I’ve watched it before, but this time the message was somewhat louder. She was speaking to the people bickering in the backseat i.e. Me.

She uses her personal stories to highlight the different issues that Africans are facing while in Africa of course. I love the simplicity in which she shares her stories, because I could literally relate to everything that she was talking about because it’s our truth. From issues of poverty, corruption, diseases, lack of access to resources, and so on. Those are the things that we without privilege go through and fight for every single day. And her passion for changing the narrative is so profound.

I mean, if you’ve seen her in her element, doing what she does in both small and big ways. Whether it’s highlighting the wrongs in the society, questioning the irregularities and in such an intelligent and aggressive way that she cannot be ignored; or it’s creating platforms that will enable us to right these wrongs or finding practical and working solutions to the problems we face as a country/continent. How profound?!

Her vision is that an African child born today, can be whoever they want to be here, without having to leave. And they can have the possibility of transcending the circumstances in which they were born.

Today she has inspired me to break out of the cocoon that I had retreated to. I was feeling like I am washed out, and I still do. It’s not like it this feeling has disappeared in thin air. But after watching the video, I just thought that most of the time you may think that your life is nothing, or that it’s just so ordinary or mundane and there’s nothing really to write home about. But sometimes, it’s in the ordinariness of it that we find the extra and it’s from that extra that we continue to be and continue to do. That we create the influence necessary to make another life better and another life worth living. So,

Speak your truth, at least when you have the chance to. Don’t feel the need to ever exaggerate it or devalue it. Because when the truth becomes obscured by the mind’s discernment, your reality becomes hazy.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead and may September be good to you.

Stay Inspired,