Spiritual Sunday

To be honest, Sunday is my best day of the week. It’s more like your day, I can sleep late and wake up late, though that takes a toll in my attending church on time…oops. I love sleeping, its one of those free things that I don’t take for granted, am glad that I can enter bed and sleep in 5mins…or I can sleep literally anywhere. This day is so short-lived, i mean, it ends so fast, that by the time your realizing, wow its my free day, the sun is setting.

I look forward to going to church on Sundays…thanks to Pst Ambrose and Pst Nick..Oh, I attend service at Parklands Baptist Church. Pst Ambrose is the most hilarious guy I have come across, like Service never gets boring, he knows how to relate with the crowd, he gets to you comically and spiritually, i think only few people can get to do that.

Pst.Nick is the youth Pastor, he’s got his wife called Julie (jush)…first they are the loveliest couple, FYI they celebrated their 6th anniversary this sunday (29th Nov)…they are still head over heels for each other, thats something that should be taken note of, at this day and age.

I feel guilty that I have been active in all this church activities like I was before, there’s less time(ok, that’s a very lame excuse) it’s about time I made some amendments and organised my time well.

So back to Pst Nick, what I like about him, is that he knows how to connect with the youth…yeah he’s old well,not sooo old), married, been there done that..but he knows how to bring himself back to the youth and interact with them, in a way that he doesn’t intimidate them. Ask any one in the Parkie teens, he’s the most youthful..i can attest to that, he’s involved in everyone’s life one way or another…and he knows like nearly each of us by name…marrrd props right there.

When I miss church i feel bad, because i know I have missed a good message to carry me through the week. It’s like the Pastors read your mind, they preach on stuff your going through, its like they are putting a spotlight on you. And there’s always a positive message at the end of the day, that gives you hope, faith and love.

I like how at the end of the service the pastor goes like have a:

  1. Miraculous – Monday
  2. Transforming – Tuesday
  3. Wonderful – Wednesday
  4. Thanksgiving – Thursday
  5. Fulfilling – Friday
  6. Stress Free – Saturday
  7. Spiritual – Sunday

Although I say all this all the time, I have never understood what Monday and Tuesday mean….lol, like Miraculous Monday and Transforming Tuesday. At least the rest make sense, and I can relate to them. How is it Miraculous and how is it Transforming … thats confusion right there.

Thats called starting your week in a high-end notch, and anyone I meet after that I am in the best of my moods. Sometimes, I usually feel like sharing what I had been preached in church 🙂 , so I do a short summary. It’s better that than nothing at all. Don’t be scared, i don’t bombard you with information, I only share what I find relevant to that person…

That is how I fuel my week, sort of jump-start it.

Message of the day:

“Practice what you preach today, it goes a long way.”

Have a super lovely day.

Signing of ::: *Kawi*