Stupid Sadists.

As in I have really missed blogging … and it’s at this point I realize it’s actually one of my hobbies, that I can at the very least define, I have others but I have an issue actually listing them down well because I don’t know them…lol is swimming a hobby or just a sport #confusion I was caught up in the mix of shifting our offices so I just didn’t get time to put down my thoughts.

I don’t have anything to write about, bloggers block…hehe

Anyhow maybe I can rant and rave about a column I read and I can add sugar, salt and spice to it. It’s on Ciku’s column in i think Buzz or is it pulse…by the way she’s one of my best columnists. She was talking about how some people find pleasure in making life difficult for others i.e watchmen, police men, tenants, shop assistants (ok, that’s in a nutshell).

So on the weekend, me friends and I go to Tusky’s to check if they sell some stuff … but before hand I had a bought a tiny dish from sarit..they were having some home expo and the dude gives me a huge paper bag to put the tiny I had to wrap it several times. Any way back to Tusky’s, with a very kind, polite heart, I go and ask the shop assistant for a small read small paperbag to put my tiny dish, and the dude confidently refuses saying “hapana hatupatiani” No we don’t give out… REALLY!! so I skip to the next shop attendant and ask him and the stupid 1st shop assistant follows shouting “Hapana” … and am thinking surely, because of a paper bag, a 50cent paper bag, I just take one and the 1st shop assistant follows and grabs it … in my head, am like i mean you want me to buy a 10bob something for me to get a paperbag…and I just stomp out… and as I walk I think …all those 1bobs i have waved away to the cashier at the stupid counter..ama the number of sweets they’ve given me in the name of they don’t have one bob’s… #NeverNeed any way in the midst of my anger f looking for the cheapest chocolate my friend talks to the dude and he gives her the paper bag. Talk of being a sadist! I mean could his life be that bad … he’s not charged for paper bags, neither does he use his money to produce them TSK!!! Style Up!

Then Watchmen! Last weekend I come in late and the am avoiding using bad words proudly says “Sifungui, you just walk to the house ” … What! Stupid man, we pay you to open the gate … as in I took a cab to drop me at our door step, not at the gate. What part of that doesn’t he get? Oh until I mentioned my dad’s name. I was like you know what … since I can’t walk in the dark, let me just call my dad at 3am to come take me from the gate because at this rate he might molest me rape me or at the worst shoot me..yes the ones at ours have guns. If I walk alone in the dark – of course I wasn’t going to call my dad – unless worse came to worst, thank God he felt threatened and opened. But the following day I was on his ass like nothing. I was going to the security manager with so much remorse until one of his workmates told me they will talk to him. I mean what if thugs were chasing me. Again how bad can his life be that he just wants me to go to bed angry as well…for a moment there he managed to.

Tenants! I shall not go there, some of them are just to greedy for life and they come to remove their stress on you… like before we shifted offices our tenant was one Mr. Kariuki of Nginyo Towers … that man! He feels like he’s a god of sorts. I know you’re rich but get a life and an education too, very important. He would do anything to make your life miserable. Makes one wonder.

Yep! It’s their only moment to shine and feel important but at the expense of others #NotGood That’s the real definition of a sadist and I just can’t stand such!