Super Celeb Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! It’s not everyday you appear in a newspaper, so I’m allowed to gloat just a litto bit. Someone say long weekend, it’s such weekends we live for. When the holiday strategically falls on Monday, just the way it should be. *Cue Rebecca black* ↓

Random thoughts

So excited, now my picture is plastered on Nation, Zuqka for all the right reasons and people who haven’t talked to me in forever  are now calling *cheeky grin*. It’s an awesome feeling. I actually bought the newspaper in the morning, and jeez! Nowadays they go for Ksh 50. Long live digital age.

Then there’s this gobble in my stomach because I haven’t finished reading for my QT exam. Then again excited that I’ve completed my term paper. Humans, is there any time we are genuinely satisfied with what the world has to offer, there always seems to be a void of sorts.

I’m feeling

So privileged, part-of  🙂 and thankful to all who pass by my litto virtual haven right here.

This weekend

Hanging out with friends and family. I just hope my QT / math paper will be a breeze *crosses fingers* as I should be reading right now … then everything else will just align itself.

I’m Excited

My friend comes in next week. This is awesome, let’s just say we were child hood friends who used to hang out loads then life happened and now he’s visiting *excitoz* it’s called catching up with change. Plus Tinman, don’t get ahead of yourself already, just in case you come across this :p

I’m craving

A casual coffee date, haven’t had one in a while. Why are they called coffee dates again while half the guys take milkshake or juice? Anyway, that’s besides the point though.

Songs of the week

David Guetta is just the man! How has he done a mix for almost all the musicians *thumbs up*

I want and pray

I want a camera, actually I need to get me one after mine was mysteriously borrowed *read stolen* … I miss the kodak moments.

I pray that mum’s prayers are answered. The powers of a praying mother, she passed by my house with her friend and when they were leaving, they said a word of prayer. In short, I need to revise my prayers. At the end of it I felt too blessed. Guess it was the motivation behind Alaine – When Mama Prays.


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*