Super Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Whoop! Whoop! Whoever makes this meme’s, a hero lies in them…lol. Thank God I don’t work on Saturday’s no more, so I can gladly pull the “Yayyy! Friday” up until school starts.

Random Thoughts

Today I have a couple:
  • All is well with the world, when all is well with you. So it all starts from within to without and not vice versa #MyThought
  • There’s nothing new under the sun. Most of the things we go through, we think, we visualize, we feel … other people have gone through. Just that they probably haven’t publicized it. But credit goes to those who publicize it.
  • Take risks. You’re youngBreatheGet hurtLive. What’s life if you’re not living? Go outsideThrow a rockGet bitten by a bugFall in love. Buy shoes. At this age, we’re invincible.
David Rudisha, greatest 800 metres runner of all time with a world record in taking victory in the Olympic final in London.
  • A BIG congratulations to David Rudisha for winning the 800m race, olympic winner and record holder, how cool is that. And for Timothy Kimut, at his tender age managing to bag a medal, that’s just super. We’re proud of you, at least I am.

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

Hi Randomness, I’m Kawiria. Nice to meet you 🙂

I’m Craving

One of those days I just don’t know. Like, “I can’t quite put my finger to it” kind of crave.

Songs of the Week

Feeling hous’y hous’y today. So this mix is quite the banger. Plus, I just learnt how to pronounce Avicii…it’s ‘Avichii’ and not ‘Avishii’ for those of us who were trying to be more English than the English men *points to self*


I Want and Pray

I want to see more smiles and more happy faces. In that case, I pray for God to work his way in our lives. Sometimes we think we’re doing it all on our own, but we don’t know what goes on in the background and the number of resources God has to put to use for you to be where and who you are today. So let’s not forget to say thank you!

Quote Of The Week

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*.