Sweet Nothings.

As I steal a moment to write this, or scribble which would be the better word to use in this case, I have a tonne-full of work to do..buuttt nooo a girl has to post something small. Maybe that’s the height of addiction or maybe not.

Those are the words that have crossed my mind today… *Sweet Nothings* …who doesn’t want to hear those *by a show of  hands* … yah none!, I would classify you as abnormal…everyone has the mushy mushy side when conquered by the right person…I used the word ‘conquered‘ because some people can be so hard on themselves but when they meet that particular person they get so whipped *feet off the floor* e.g Samson (the strongest man) and Delilah…haha and you just wanna be whispered for sweet nothings, gives you a moments high *cloud 9*

Oh yeah, I want those tu-sweet nothings when am Old, Grey and probably wrinkled too #ForeverYoung huh! same heart, same feelings, same spunk just different appearances *wink*.

Just but a few of those…so yah! Use them and formulate others. They do come in handy #justsaying


This woman, am thinking must’ve been super smart, you know those women of purpose, as in really. I can live by her quotes. #TooFresh. It’s Marilyn Monroe, She’s my favorite already.

HAVE A PEACEFUL SHORT HOLIDAY, VOTE WISELY….and we celebrate the new constitution later on…JYESS!! haha

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*