Symbiotic Relationships – Pest Friends and Best Friends.

I don’t know what came to me today, but I found myself going to search the word “Symbiosis”. I can be quite weird sometimes #iknow. But not so long ago I had a certain issue with a friend on my meeting in the middle concept. And after so much thinking about it well maybe not so much, in the long run my conclusion was “what the hell!” #NeverNeed. And life moves on.

Well, now since that’s my word of the day, I had to go to Wikipedia and get the scientific meaning and all. Okay, we all studied this in Biology but I don’t want to write my own words. so,

The term symbiosis commonly describes close and often long-term interactions between different biological species. The symbiotic relationship may be categorized as mutualistic, commensal, or parasitic in nature.

Symbiotic relationships may be either obligate, i.e necessary for the survival of at least one of the organisms involved, or facultative, where the relationship is beneficial but not essential for survival of the organisms.

I won’t go deep into it because that wasn’t my intention. Just that I am going to use it as a symbol of sorts. I mean seems my high school literature teacher did a good job.

I shall relate the symbiotic relationship to the relationship between human beings. What we call Friendship. A friend in this case being someone you know, relate with, trust, like stuff like that.

As it is, the symbiotic relationship is divided into three categories. That would be parasitic, commensal or mutualistic relationships.

A parasitic relationship is one in which one member of the association benefits while the other is harmed. This being the funny part, as many as half of all animals have at least one parasitic phase in their life cycles, and it is also frequent in plants and fungi.

On to the parasitic relationship, and this is where my meeting in the middle concept is largely contradicted. Well there are those friendships that are just parasitic by nature. That is one party is benefiting while the other is on the loosing end. For example, there those friends who when you meet you always pay the bill, it’s like an agreement you know at no one point will they be the ones offering to pay. Or those friends who it’s you who always goes to where they are or do what they are doing and not vice versa or better yet meet somewhere that’s middle ground, it’s either their way or the highway i detest such.

I’m the kind of person who believes that friends need to have the meet me in the middle concept. Make an effort for each other, then that’s the true friend, but if  one has to always suck up and always be the one going past their comfort zones to please the other party, then there’s something wrong with that set up. More like a tick and the host. The tick (pest friend) needs to be picked and removed so that the host can be healthy. And that’s exactly how it should be in our human world, those are the friends you should literally run away from because at no point will they benefit you, instead they cause you more harm than happiness. They are also known as PEST FRIENDS

Commensalism describes a relationship between two living organisms where one benefits and the other is not significantly harmed or helped.

This are those friendships that are not so super significant, i know you get what i mean, those people you need once in a while to help in one way or a another but they don’t really influence you. Like it could be you have a friend who works in a certain organisation and can get for you some information you need. or they are networked and can sort you out like help you get a job and so on.

This is a good kind of friendship because there is no harm caused and either party can benefit at one time. This day this friend can help you het a job, the next day you can help that friend who helped you get a job come out of a financial situation. So keep these! Don’t delete their numbers from your phone, they come in handy.

The term “mutualism” describes any relationship between individuals of different species where both individuals derive a benefit.

This is the healthiest relationship there can be, the sort of “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours” . Whereby both parties make an effort to better the relationship. There is always a consideration of the other. For example, When your happy they are happy for you and with you, when you’re sad they help out  and take you through it, when you’re broke they understand and you go to places where prices are fairer or sort each other out and when you’re balling you enjoy together…you know something like that.

If you have this kind of mutualistic friend, keep them, love them, be good to them because they are rare to find but once you find them, keep a hold of them. They bring joy and happiness to your life and always be with you through thick and thin, up and down. They are also known as BEST FRIENDS

Well, the picture of the hanging love heart up there, is just to show that sometimes love hangs on a string. There’s love but things could come on the way to try break the string. And as a result:

“Beware of Pest Friends, but Be Aware of Best Friends hehe I just came up with that sounds cool 🙂

Signing off — *Kawi*