T.G.I.F *The Perry Way*

Thank God It’s Friday! Just think about it from a Katy Perry perspective and it will automatically be super one … he he. This has been one amazing week, I love it! I think when you put your mind to something it actually becomes. The mind is a powerful function and it very much controls every aspect of your life. You want to be happy, put your mind to it … you want to be sad, put your mind to it. You make a choice and it will be.


Random Thoughts

You are who you think you are, yes, it’s all about you. You might think that’s selfish but really, other people might have opinions of you, what they think you are, what they want you to be, but they only know so much about you. They don’t know what you’re made up of, the efforts always come from within you. You’re the only one who knows you, what you can do, what you can’t do, what you want to be, what you don’t want to be … so again, it’s all about you. Hear them, but don’t let it get to you. Always hold your head up high, and think highly of yourself, for that’s what matters the most … what you think about you.

I’m Feeling

One word ↓

This Weekend

Hmmm! Doing something I’ve not done before, so this should be pretty interesting plus it’s an invite 🙂 so for good friends who make plans for me in advance, thanks for thinking of me. Then there’s the books, I have 3 exams next week, someone shoot me now.

I’m Craving

Swimming, such a super sport. One of those few things that I’m really good at and such a reliever of sorts. Now to get the time to do it.

Songs of the Week

Oh boy bands … it’s becoming a thing now eeh!

Then there’s this one I’ve been given by my colleague. Too awesome, but you know how Neo-Soul is and how Anthony Hamilton *choke* let’s leave it there.

I Want and Pray

As usual, I want to thank God for the little and the big blessings in my life, those that I see and those that I haven’t yet seen. For love, peace, safety and good health for our people’s. For laughter and happiness in our households yah?  For the exams to be easy breezy for those of us sitting for them.  For those who will be doing their finals this year (candidates) may all the knowledge and wisdom you need come your way so that you can ace them.

Quote Of The Week

Some important words from the very ol’ wise man, maybe you could pick a thing or two or yet again just all, they all make so much sense ↓

Again, for those of us having exams (now or in the future), all the best … It’s just exams after all, we’ll be sure to Ace them no?

To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*