Take a Moment to Take Stock.

My mantra has always been to live to learn, love and laugh – and I don’t see that changing. Why? Because when I am doing that, I feel like I am doing life right, like I am in my element. And for that reason, I get schooled every other day by almost every interaction I make. It might not seem obvious that I am picking something from whomever, but you’d be surprised by the little things that help you put things into perspective. And in most cases those little things come from the most unexpected places and people. Loving and laughing without a doubt is what gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart – and that’s why I love easily, and laugh at anything that’s even slightly hilarious – because it’s never that serious.

Mother, Taking Stock

The other day, I was helping my mum through the process of letting go of something that really matters to her, her clinic. It’s something she had worked on from scratch for the last about 4 years and it had become a big part of her – because taking care of people is her calling. You could see the amount of time, effort, money and personality she had put into it, because that’s where her heart was. With or without profits, she would still wake up every day and go the clinic to treat her patients. She would renovate the place to suit their needs, she would pick their calls at odd hours and help where she can, and she would basically just go out of her way to be who she was called out to be for them, the care giver. There’s not a day she complained about going to her clinic, even on weekends or public holidays.

And now it was time for her to let go, because the Meru clinic is calling. I believe that she’ll do just as well there and some more. She took ‘charity begins at home’ literally, and now she’s taking it back home. And I know for sure they need someone as passionate as her to take care of the community. Every time we talk I still don’t think she understands how phenomenal a woman she is, and that’s what just makes her so pleasant (for lack of a better adjective). She tells me it as it is, she doesn’t down play anything. If you’ve met her, you would understand what I mean. She inspires me, all the damn time.

I digress.

So in the process of letting go, she was doing stock taking – just listing the things that were in the clinic and attaching the cost to them. And she confessed that before she started, she had made a rough estimate of what she thought was the total amount of what she had. But when she listed them she was surprised that it was way more than she had estimated. Even when she put her books together, she was surprised at how the clinic was performing, that she now even had some loyal customers and equally good staff. And it took time to build that. We realized that it is easy to underestimate your worth with the naked eye, and many people will as well – but you need to look and dig a little deeper.

Where I am going with this is that everything happens, it just does, but it happens for a reason I believe. It could happen either too fast, that you barely realize what’s going on or too slow, that you wonder if you’re even doing the right thing in the first place. And it happens to the best of us. So just go with the flow and put your best foot forward with every opportunity hoping that it will be what will be the differentiating factor. It might not be today, but eventually you get there.

That’s why it’s important to take a moment every once in a while to take stock of what has happened to you and yours over time. It gives you a fresh perspective on things. It helps you realize what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong – or even what you’re not doing. It helps you to just appreciate where you’re coming from, which in turn makes you appreciate where you’re going.

The present is not a permanent fixture on you, it just a part of the journey. And only God knows when journey ends. So don’t let that thought stop you – it scares me shitless too, but that’s life, it’s fickle and unpredictable. So while you’re here, live it out.

This is the reason I went back to figure what I was up to 5 years ago. Because they say that it’s in 5 years that you can see a significant change and I just wanted to know what was on my mind then. What was going on in my life then? What issues did I have or what made me happy then? Does it still happen to date, or have I changed? And if so, what has? And so I’ll be revisiting a lot of my past posts in 2011, just to see if I still relate with my 24 year old self. Here’s a blog post I’d posted in February just about the same time. And yes, I still completely relate.

As you begin this week, take that moment to take stock. Look back and dig deeper so that you may not only be content with where you are today, but also get the drive to push harder to be the better version of who you are today.

Blessed week Snippers.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*