Talents and In-Betweens

“To have talent, to know it and to use it whether for your own pleasure or commercially, I believe is one of the most gratifying experiences in life.”

Leave alone bucket lists, those are momentary thrills and once you tick it off, that’s just about it. There’s once I thought I was quite the lackluster because I didn’t know what to put on my bucket list, or rather they didn’t sound quite experimental like other people’s because I’m not that kind of person. The sky diving, bungee jumping, climbing a mountain, visiting my ‘dreamy’ countries, fighting a lion (joke) – I don’t mind doing them, but I don’t think it will make me that fulfilled once I’ve finished the rounds. Though don’t get me wrong, I’ll be happy that I’ll have had that kind of experience under my sleeve.

You can have the same talent with the person next to you, but how your execute it is what differentiates you. While others take time to discover what theirs is, others make something out of it from when they’re toddlers – lucky bastards. I think ‘pinpointing talents’ should be a class in parenting 101, because the earlier you recognize it the better, since you can groom it and eventually invest in it.

Now, if there’s one thing I really enjoy, is watching people display their talents especially in music and arts, because it’s quite entertaining. Some of us have talents, but we’re not able to display it out there in an entertaining way – I mean you can just sit there and watch me write, I have to finish first for you to read it. It’s crazy how some people just hit it running and it makes you feel like they have some supernatural powers, because you can’t hold a tune/note, dance professionally, or draw to save your life. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for ‘The Voice’ … and Adam Levine ha ha.

So when I heard of Maisha Super Star, I was quite enthralled by its model, because it’s a similar model but now closer home (East Africa). The concept is such that there is a coach and 6 mentors (2 mentors from each country – Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). The coach is Eric Wainaina. From Kenya, is Rabbit and Nameless, Uganda is Maurice Kirya and Chameleone, Tanzania is A.Y and Shaa.

MaishaSuperStar, Maisha Magic, DSTV Channel 161

These mentors are given a task to find upcoming artistes, 6 from each country. And these 18, will then battle it out to be the ultimate superstar. It starts today on DSTV Channel 161 – Maisha Magic, at 8:00pm. I was looking for a reason to pay for my DSTV, it’s been a little dormant for a moment there. I’ll be rooting for my people of course #TeamNameless and #TeamRabbit, because I’m that loyal. I hope they don’t disappoint.

MaishaSuperStar, Maisha Magic

If it’s something like ‘The Voice’, these seasoned artists will coach and mentor their artistes into becoming superstars. For me, it’s usually more about the process and the progress they make throughout the show. To see people find themselves in their talents – their voices and their preferred genres, and while at it grow. It gives me that warm-fuzzy feel as an audience. Only thing though is the testosterone levels that’ll be up in there, it might be a bit too much. There should have been at least 2 ladies from the mentors’ side to balance it, but Shaa looks like she can handle them. Let’s hope the show rocks.

Have a pleasant week loves!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*