Talk Turkey : Do-ers and Talk-ers

Today has been a pretty fine day just like the author…lol had to pull off such started off freezing cold, but the sun being a faithful friend came out from the hiding place with just  the right temperature and shine… just the way I like it.

Anyway I’ve been itching to write this just that sometimes I need to have that feeling of the topic. Had an issue on what to name the post, so I’ve settled on “Talk Turkey”, which basically means “To speak frankly and get down to the basic facts of a matter.”

So yeah, today’s topic of discussion will be those people who are very social especially business-wise. You know the kind that give you stories of how much they are doing, how busy they’ve been, how they have deals going on …it leaves you thinking “gosh!, I need to do this businesses too?, I want to be in deals as well.”

So well I would categorize this people into two groups:

  1. The Do-ers
  2. The Talk-ers


This happen to be the ones who believe in something that goes like this “Actions talk louder than words”, yeah they will tell you of the ventures they are involved in, and you’ll go like “WOOW” that’s so cool. But the thing with them is that they actually  do what they say. Their ideas are realistic and feasible. They have researched and know their strongholds and work with them to make sure that they achieve that which they are aiming for.

They always have a starting point, a breaking point and an achievement point… They struggle to be what they are and to get to where  they want to be. I mean the go the whole eight miles … regardless of the difficulties, they have moments they are at their lowest  which is what I would call their breaking points…you know the point where you are penny less or where you are like this is just not working out, or where you are waiting for a response and it’s just not coming through. But the fact that they have reached there is reason enough for them to move forward, it gives them motivation.

They are the kind who achievement speaks on their behalf. They don’t have to go and shout from the roof top that they have made it. It just SCREAMS out loud on its own (not literally).

I like hanging out with this people, they give me morale and show me that it’s about how much you put in (resource, energy, unique ideas) that determines your deliverables or end product.

The doers don’t necessarily have to succeed in every venture they take part in, but every venture gives them experience and when they finally land on the venture based on their strong hold they always make it big.


Then there’s the talkers … am sure y’all have this kind friends lingering somewhere. You know the one who’s always talking big , they are always involved in big deals, talking big money as much as you don’t really see the big money they’re talking about or even where it’s going since they have it somewhere as they say. The kind of building castles in the air.

The talkers are always talking … their ideas always seem unrealistic…like you go “how do you even do that” essence of building the castle in the air. Theirs nothing to show for their talk…they don’t put any resources into use besides their ability to talk, they don’t make efforts, they have false promises to people…especially when they involve people in their plans. I’m sure many of you have felt cheated here and there. Where someone comes u p with an unrealistic, unfeasible Idea that they talk you into and maybe you finance it, or put your all into it only to figure out it’s a scum of sorts.

Avoid talk-ers, because you’ll end up being disappointed. If anything listen to their unrealistic stories and ideas…nod your head for a few minutes but don’t get dragged into their talks. If you can take the idea and materialize it yourself the better.

How to differentiate Do-ers and Talk-ers

Seeing as they both talk…it could be difficult to differentiate the two but with my little knowledge, observation and experience (not necessarily first hand)


They talk and make the next effort of ensuring that they implement the idea and make it a reality. They are starters and they put in all or invest their resources (it could be monetary or not), to make sure that they see the idea becoming something concrete and realistic and not just a floating concept.


They talk, talk, talk and brag, talk, talk and say who they  know, how they know but most are the times they don’t speak of achievements or even have something to show for it.

I want to be a DO-ER by all means, even if I’m employed…my ideas are never that young. So I should start trying to make something out of it and putting in extra effort.



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*