Tell Me About You.

Tell me something about yourself? Tell me more about you? What is that thing about you that others don’t know? What is it that drives you or makes you tick? Blah Blah Blah! … all boils down to who are you and the other person wondering or thinking what they are going to get out of being with you.

*Cringe*… *Shriek* that’s the questions that gives me the shivers. Really ask me about anyone or anything else, and I can write a composition or even go ahead and research, but ask me about me and I go blank *loses signal…tururu*. Like where do I begin, yeah I can narrate for you my CV, the schools I’ve been what I’ve studied, my experience, where I’ve worked and stuff like that. Easy Peasy! Then now, you really want to know what I’m about … now that’s the hard part.

I know at the back of my head who I am … but getting it out is the issue. Do you ever feel like you need to justify something about you. If I say this about me to you , then I need to have back up like yeah, that’s because I do this and that. Let me use a cliche one, like I’m fun loving, I know … but there are factors that should be considered here, such as the environment, people around me, the time, my state and so on.

I just tend to think those questions are so vague. Maybe what I tell you about me is not what you get. Then a light bulb just appears, maybe that’s the essence of the statement “WYSIWYG” – What You See Is What You Get. Sometimes we have certain traits that we don’ know about until a certain situation arises. Personally, I like teasing people that I’m boring just to create a window in case I’m actually boring at that particular time … haha but deep inside I know given that all factors held constant I’m am super interesting.

The point I’m driving home, is we can’t know people by asking them who they are … sometimes you just need to be in their presence to know them, hang out, chit chat, do stuff. Truth be told, if asked those questions I never do justice to myself … if anything I first go blank, and say the most irrelevant things about me or things that I think will make you happy and want to hang around me :p yeah shoot me now! Disclaimer: No lies though … lol

Random thoughts

Why is it that we have solutions to other people problems and we go ahead advice them or know exactly where they are going wrong, judge them and sometimes even condemn them but when it comes to dealing with our own we are so clueless and we don’t want anyone judging us or condemning us or better yet even highlighting them. Maybe it’s just called being human. We know it all for other people, but not for ourselves *sigh*

Do you ever wonder what people think about you when they see you? In the club, in the streets, at the park, as you stroll. I know the first thing I think when I see someone looking at me is especially on the streets is “oh snap! I hope my fly ain’t open”. Like seriously, I could have thought it’s because I’m looking smurfilicious, but nooo, it’s happened one too many times. I think that I need to be confident that it’s because just looking awesome, before I look down. Yeah, I’m shy too … so eye contact kind of gives me the heebie jeebies. I know you just shrugged off the “I’m shy” bit. I can read minds too.

Quote of the day!

Hope y’ll are doing great? Just checking up on you 🙂 Yeah I can be that sweet girl who does that *toot tooooot*

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*