TGIF *Be Aware, Be Safe*

Well, since I’m a VERY good employee I shall not do what the person below will do. Instead I will just finish up the work *disclaimer : In case my boss knows I blog and reads this…lol*

Now i’m hooked to TGIFridays thanks to @nkirdizzle who started it as a joke, or maybe not…lol ~~~ Giving credit where it’s due.

So the week has flown, it’s already Friday, it was just Monday the other day, but under no circumstance am I complaining about that, just that if the week is flying that fast so should be the state of my life relatively flying if you know what I mean, get rich faster…lol


Be Aware – It’s October, and it’s the boobies month (. )( .) —hehe, and to that effect…we would like to create breast cancer awareness… so as to be able to identify and curb it.

As a result, a group of girls and probably a dude or two led by @bintiM aka Aisha who has created a blog whereby we will talk about boobies/breasts/boobs year in, year out … There is so much about them and everyone has something to say about the pair of God-given “Succulent twins” in the case of women … and dots for men..hehe *pun intended*.

Kindly visit this blog spot : – , give suggestions and comments. In case you want to also post something on boobies, just give a shout out to the administrator, she be good.

I’m feeling

As happy as a lark…yeah when’s the last time you heard that simile...or what were they called…lol, I was in class 8 to be presice. And after all those years today is when I can actually use it in a written sentence.

I’m Excited

That my baby sister is coming home for mid-term, that’s always an extra source of joy…again diverted attention. So it’s to sit, eat a lot, watch movies, catch up and basically bummmmm! I love!

Theme Song of the week

Goes to *Drum Rolls* OWL CITY – Adam Young

#NowPlaying Rainbow Vein, Fireflies, Vanilla Twilight *BLISS*

I’m Craving

Today I have a very cheap crave – Cadbury Dairy Milk with Mint Chips…and i’ve had it for like the whole week with no time to get it, or when there’s time it’s not available *sigh*

I Want, Wish and Pray

That God hears the cry of my heart and grants me the desires of my heart.

Sometimes it’s really hard to read the heart and analyze what it actually wants, or sometimes you know what you want but you just don’t know how to say it out aloud. But I pray that God, hears all of them and grants them accordingly.


Since I want all my readers okay the few i’ve got, to have healthy and attractive breasts – wow, it feels good to write that and no one will look at me funnily since its BREAST month…hehe so now as we speak of breast, here are 5 easy steps, more like a home remedy to examine your breasts..hehe for anything abnormal such as lumps, swellings, discharge and so on.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*