TGIF *magnified*

Thank God Its Friday!

So I’ve taken up the form of looking at life through a magnifying glass or object. I think that’s the way you get to appreciate those very very very small things that without having them magnified you wouldn’t have noticed. {You know what I mean..right?}

{Wooohooo I’ve been mini-featured or is it reviewed on Zuqka….haha my spirits for the day have just drastically arisen…wololo! #HappiestSnail — Many Thanks to the person that’s taken time to read my blog *as I jump up and down* YAAAY}

This weekend

Nothing much goes on, it mainly revolves around reading for my exams next week…sucks big time.”Why were exams invented? wasn’t education enough already…” But hey maybe I can start a movement “Reading is cool”…yeah right neverneed I would proabably be flying solo as it shall be formed in the lines of “self-consolement or better yet self-motivation”

I’m feeling

Like I just need to chill … I mean the full bumming … no external forces pressure’s  such as EXAMS…lol {had to say that}, it’s just one of those times where the mojo for reading disappears and you have to force yourself and that’s not even next to cool.

I’m hoping and praying

That happiness, joy and humour remains a part of me and the people around me. And that my hopes, wishes and desires come to be. {Okay that’s deep!…hehe}

Theme Song of the week

Over and Over Again – Tami Chynn {Freshest Lyrics Ever, I would sing the same if I had a voice to sing but since I don’t, I shall just listen as she speaks my heart..Yup Yup! I can be mushy!}

I’m craving

cheese burger, fries and a shake!


I got this!


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*