TGIF *surreal*

As I said earlier today doesn’t seem like  a Friday, by all means it feels like a Tuesday or something. Maybe it’s the one day voting holiday that we had on Wednesday that’s making this Friday look surreal.

Highlights of the week:

We voted in a new constitution on 4th August 2010  *YaaaY*, everyone is peaceful and back to normal day business. I hope they at least implement the stuff in the document i.e some action. #KenyaDecided

Attended Wamathai Ex, which was pretty much what I had expected *FUN*, sat next to some hecklers…lol, and they made me want to laugh my guts out @Ngendo87 @njerithande @Mwanikih @itsmugambi.And I finally got to meet @Joliea. Plus the artists performing were just too fresh. I mean I never thought in my entire life I would actually enjoy listening to poems, also the stand up comedians as I would call them, cracked a rib there..whaaat!

Whoooa didn’t know recording one’s voice was so hard, I was doing it for a presentation at work and from now on, I respect artists, poets, presenters, reporters, actors…because that shit right there ain’t easy.

What I’m feeling and Excited about

I’m in a very good mood I must say, thanks to all the people who make me laugh, I don’t know what life would be without any of you. I have to now start teaching myself to stop giggling. or maybe not.

Well excitement is relative, so I shall save my excitement news for another day 🙂

I’m craving

Well I wouldn’t say crave par se, I miss the fermented taste of the Ethiopian food #weird because the first time I ever ate this meal I hated it with a passion.

I want to

Since I had a sneak preview of it at Wamathai Ex, the wave can stay on the whole weekend e.g. some serious sense of humour.

What are those words in japanese up there, maybe i'm being told am stupid or

Theme song of the week

Drake – Find your love

Also – – – – > Dj Khaled – All I do is win

My Wish and Prayer

And this goes to all my friends 🙂


From my favorite ~ Marilyn Monroe