TGIF *Thank God For Sure*

Thank God It’s Friday:

Oh yeah, Thank the guy up there (God) that today is Friday. For taking care of us and seeing us through this week, 5 days is not a joke. Find some time to say thank you to God and to anyone who’s made your week bearable … it’s always those small things that make the whole difference..right?

I’m Feeling

Ecstatic – Giggly, twittery (it’s actually a word), chuckly !

I’m Excited

That after all the struggle…which was all worth it …(ps: I didn’t have the same thought 48hrs ago, I was actually thinking this life is too hard, and being grown up is just a pain in the a**) I finally got myself a small house, just the way I wanted it. So again me thanks God big time and the people who helped out in any way, because in the end it all contributed in one or another.

Looking Forward to:

A road trip to Luhya Land on the weekend. how I had longed for one. YAAAY!!! *Excitoz*

Finally start budgeting and planning bleh bleh bleh, all those responsibilities that come with staying solo [don’t hate, don’t tell me how hard it is…searching for the house was bad enough…then paying the rent…*sigh* furnishing…wololo, i’m sure with time i’ll manage…seeing as am not in a hurry to move out of my folks nest.]

haha it’s kinda amazing the look on my folks face when they realize am actually growing up, but to them they are stuck on how am still a baby…you’ve gotta love them.

Theme Song of the Week

Ummmm!! I’m in this lovely mood and I’m seriously missing my baby sister (Clara I miss you, can you close school fast!)

So in that case, I’m in a ROCK mood… And Paramore – Riot  gets the *Kawi Cup*!

I’m Craving

I haven’t eaten chicken since I vowed not to for a month or two. The reason is my beloved friends started telling me how chicken is injected with hormones and that they could be detrimental in future…who wants to hear that , I wanna have normal brilliant kids in future so bye bye hormonal chicken.

But now I’m going to Luhya Land … home of Normal aka Kienyeji Chicken :)))))  I’m soooo excited. I’ll eat ALOT of kieyenji chicken while I can, as much as my small tummy can handle.

I want and I wish

That what I’m praying for and wishing for comes to be. Amen to that!

I pray

For all my family, friends and loved ones to be blessed abundantly (by God).


“Better a Has-been than a Never-was. But better a Never-was than a Never-tried-to-be.” ~ Anonymous

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” ~ Thomas Edison


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*