TGIF *Whoop Whoop*

Finally! Thank God It’s Friday! Let’s just say I really deserve my salary this week, I have worked HARD!

Random thought: Maybe I should teach myself to start liking pets. Just maybe, so where do I start? and definitely not a cat, I can’t stand them … they make me sneeze.

I’m feeling

This weekend

Road trip to the Lake Side, with a few of my friends in support of my friend whose dad went to be with the Lord … sad! but I hope we make her happy … way to go huh!

I’m craving

I just satisfied my crave right now courtesy of my workmate … Thanks mate 🙂

Songs of the week

Kelly Rowland – Motivation —–> Maybe it’s the video, but I like!

I want and pray

For a safe journey 🙂 and that God provides comfort and strength for my friends family because loosing someone you love is just painful. I don’t even want to imagine.

Highlight of the week

It’s been one hell-of-a long week! Besides being exhausted, all is well so that’s something to go all *yaaay* about!

Lesson Learnt this week

Never under-estimate your abilities in anything … even if someone else does, do some justice to yourself . If anything over-estimate because you have so much potential, some of which *as of now* is untapped.



Lovely Weekend, Lovely Peoples! God Bless … xoxo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*