TGIF – Whoop Whoop!

Thank God Its Friday By all means FURAHIDAY :)

I miss the sun, I wish I could bask like that alligator #Unfair . It’s been the coldest week I have experienced since forever. Whaaat! Thank God the week is over. As in I dressed heavily and I still froze, my toes and fingers are the ones that suffer the most.

And it’s been a while since I did TGIFridays, an invetion by @Nkirdizzle

What I’m excited about

Yaaay World Cup is ending #FINALLY. And for some strange reason I’m team Netherlands, and my work-mate just asked if I like orange people because she’s Team Spain. Am stuck to the thought of Spain and Soap Operas. Seeing as am not an avid football fan, I don’t have a reason for supporting Netherlands, but betting for clothes sounds good, won me shoes when Germany beat Argentina 4-0 🙂

Psys Westlands kicked last weekend with #djmrc and am thinking I want to be young this weekend #AGAIN, and am those people who party like once a month, but this time round eeerrr *Excitoz*Energizer Bunny*

How I feel

Atmospheric: Freezing Cold

Heart-wise : Indifferent-ish … whatever that’s supposed to mean, i’ m just being a girl.

What I wish for

I’m saying it every other time, now it’s about time it just becomes true….from my mouth to God’s ears *insert a wanting smile*

I discovered

That people from twitter are very interesting. I got to associate my twitter friends with their actual faces…lol leave alone the avatar on their profile. And those guys are fun. So any gig someone comes up with make a point of attending #myword

Open mic and Spoken Word are actually very fun and interesting events. Make a point of attending them. I mean people have creative minds it’s amazing. I’m not poetic, but the poems people were reading got to me. And maybe some time I shall taste the waters *read some time*

Highlights of the week

I shall say again it was and is cold, very very cold. Just that being a country in the Sub-Saharan Africa we don’t get snow ,but there were drizzles equivalent to snow flakes at some point.

Attended Open Mic, that dude can sing I believe his full name is Antony #ithink and made new friends , met twitter people – those people are fun.

I checked my stats on WordPress and I had 184 views, whooooa! I never would’ve thought. Thanks people. Talk of having a blogger’s low self esteem, I am honored.

I’m craving

A mouth watering huge Hawaiian Pizza and a very Cold Soda (Fanta Orange or Coke), it’s been a while since I ate one, miss the cheese. *Salivating*

I’m listening to

X-FM, I have been in a rock mood the whole week. I’m totally loving Paramore the band #TooFresh

My Prayer

I pray to God that I make the right choices in the different aspects of my life. Ei, this life can be quite tricky with to many paths to follow.

My Advice

What I want

The best things in life I bet i’m not asking for too much *Say Amen to that*

Signing Off — *Kawi*