TGIFriday 15-01-2010

Thank God It’s Friday

The week has ended so fast…atleast because I was swammed with assignments and CATS, thought after Strathmore Uni there will be no more of that but woe to me(doing post grad dip in Project Management)..

I am excited about

The weekend, I am really looking forward to chilling and preferably sleeping alot.

Today I am feeling

Okay… Sleepy with stinging eyes that are screaming SLEEP! after sleeping for just 3hrs or less, and I blame technology…lol, am also feeling very lazy and i have healing flu symptoms..not amazing!

My Funky Friday theme song

I don’t have one really but the whole week I have been liking John Legend – Everybody Knows.

“Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt” …. blah blah blah .. Nice song.

This weekend I

Am planning to meet friends I haven’t seen in a long while. Sleep alot and watch movies.

I am really craving

Meeting with my girls again…they make me laugh my heart out, you know the whole ribs aching, eyes tearing scenario … i love hanging out with them.

I wish

I could be teleported there #Suspense its a wish maybe if I say it won’t happen…lol like in Birthdays…talking of which mines coming soon.. Excitement.

Todays Inspiration Quote is

“Monogamy is a state of high revolution with the right person”

**All courtesy of Nkirdizzle :) **

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Signing off — *Kawi*