TGIFriday 15-01-2010

Thank God It’s Friday

The week has ended so fast…atleast because I was swammed with assignments and CATS, thought after Strathmore Uni there will be no more of that but woe to me(doing post grad dip in Project Management)..

I am excited about

The weekend, I am really looking forward to chilling and preferably sleeping alot.

Today I am feeling

Okay… Sleepy with stinging eyes that are screaming SLEEP! after sleeping for just 3hrs or less, and I blame technology…lol, am also feeling very lazy and i have healing flu symptoms..not amazing!

My Funky Friday theme song

I don’t have one really but the whole week I have been liking John Legend – Everybody Knows.

“Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt” …. blah blah blah .. Nice song.

This weekend I

Am planning to meet friends I haven’t seen in a long while. Sleep alot and watch movies.

I am really craving

Meeting with my girls again…they make me laugh my heart out, you know the whole ribs aching, eyes tearing scenario … i love hanging out with them.

I wish

I could be teleported there #Suspense its a wish maybe if I say it won’t happen…lol like in Birthdays…talking of which mines coming soon.. Excitement.

Todays Inspiration Quote is

“Monogamy is a state of high revolution with the right person”

**All courtesy of Nkirdizzle :) **

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Signing off — *Kawi*

  • Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF). I told someone that i liked her TGIF posts and she told me she thought that they were just a chick thing. Wish i could do that on my blog lakini Fridays are just not blogging days for me. Awesome post and enjoy the weekend ahead.

    • Thanx Chiira, oh well so many things are chiq things. who draws the line? Maybe you could start an ‘Oh No Its Monday …for men’…lol
      Have a lovely week as well. Thanx for reading my post too 🙂

  • Jerry

    Hey there. Glad to hear your university is drawing to a close… I think the question for anyone getting ready to graduate isn’t if they are ready for the world, but is the world ready for them…

    Anyway, I wound up on your blog by accident, but after reading a little of it I thought that the story of my winding up here might amuse you.

    So I’m a designer and Illustrator. I’m currently (And by currently I mean like I’m supposed to be working on it right now.) working on an illustration of a glam-ish type woman to accompany an article. So I went on the net for a pic of ‘Lady Gaga’ to get a more solid idea of what a glam-chick should look like. Well, on Google, a search of large-images of Lady Gaga shows an image from your blog in 5th place. (Try it!) So at first your blog page shows up before the image can be enlarged full-screen. I saw the heading ‘Nairobi dating scene’ and wondered how it compared to the one where I live. (St.Louis, MO. United States) Plus it’s from a womans perspective so I had to look.

    Funny thing is, with dating, even practically on the other side of the world, it’s all the same song.

    Okay, let me try this TGiF thing out….

    I get to sleep over the weekend! Been getting 3 hrs of sleep a night due to deadlines for the last 7 days. Am I getting old? Since when did I get excited about sleep?

    I’m excited about:

    Today I’m feeling:
    Tired. But also optimistic. I will sleep until about 5pm (It’s almost 1pm now.) and then I think I’ll go to the City Museum for drinks later with friends. (Go to to see it. Check out the photo-tour on the right-hand side of the page to get a better idea of the place.)

    My funky Friday theme song:
    Ludicris:You’s a Ho. (I don’t condone negative stereotypes of women, for the record. It hurts everybody in the end. I’m just feeling kinda slap-happy-mouthy at the moment and the song fits my mood. Plus, seriously, how many times can someone use the word ‘ho’ in a song and have it still be fun? C’mon. You have to laugh at it AND with it…. As a guy tho, you have to be careful when you’re walking down the street singing it to your self. You WILL get yelled at eventually. And your explanation that you don’t really feel that way will never be sufficient.)

    This weekend:
    Drink too much, drive too fast (preferably not at the same time), deny it all on Monday.

    I am really craving:
    Warm weather. You’re lucky you’re in Kenya, I read it’s 77F/25C there… It’s 35F/2C here, and that’s warm since it’s been like 0F/-17C here lately…. And Sushi. Warm weather and chilled sushi…
    Weird, huh?

    I wish:
    I had a better view from my apartment. I love this place, but the view sucks. Oh well.

    Inspirational quote:
    “Before you decide to talk about someone, try walking a mile in their shoes.
    That way, you’re a mile away from them; AND you have their shoes.”

    Did I do it right? That was sort of fun.

    I guess I should get back to work now… Hope you have a good Friday.

    • You actually did it right, atleast it distructed u for a minute/two. About how you got to my blog — those are interesting vybes.. Let me try it out and see if that happens.
      Wow, illustrator n designer…mmmh! that sounds super interesting … working on a glamish-type woman article…damn I wish I had your job already– , IT can really suck at times…but am trying to work my way on making it interesting by identyfying what i like.

      Thanks for visting and commenting as well…yo welcome! PS. I like when ho’ is used in a sentence n doesn’t sound bad.

  • Jerry

    Haha, forgot to mention, The city museum closes to people under 21 on the weekends and serves drinks. If you looked at the pics, imagine running around the place smashed.. Good times.

    • You guys go for drinks at the city museum…haha trying to imagine the aftermath…LMAO!
      Your museum is entertainin n exquisite…ours is super boring and dull with nothing go on. and i doubt drinks are allowed.

  • nkirdizzle

    I told you to read my first ever TFIGfridays post to understand what I meant for my vision for TGIFridays and Jerry here has fulfilled that vision, on your blog lol. Bet you guys had a fabulous friday 🙂

    • Hey babe, I read through it..slowness lol @Jerry big ups to you 🙂 , but its a good trend.
      Spent half my weekend asleep, but i blame it on the cough syrup {Actifed}, i was feeling as high as a kite…i think the alcohol content should be reviewed by the pharmaceutical(sp) board, coz am doubting.

  • While you were sleeping like a baby i was sleep deprived, i’m getting Actifed!