Thank God Its Friday

How have I waited for today, I know the week has flown, but this week just seemed somewhat longer. But hey TGIF.

I am excited about

mmmh good question, there’s nothing happening this weekend really, but can’t wait for 29th Keg Fest in the Wild 🙂 next weekend.

Today I’m feeling

Like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed though I always wake up on the same side #literally.

My funky friday theme song

It has got to be Vanilla Twilight – Owl City, The number of times I have been humming this song. I’ve listened to this song like 1000 times, and am still drenched in Vanilla Twilight…lol

This weekend I

think I’ll just chill out, maybe watch movies or something.

I am really craving

Well made CHICKEN … bread crumbed maybe.

I wish

I don’t want to wish anymore, I want them to now just come true *wink*

Todays Inspiration

“Love like you’ve never loved before, Live like every breath is your last one and Dance like nobody is watching”

My Inspiration