Thank God It’s Friday

Yeah baby! TGIF 🙂 🙂 On Monday, Friday looked so far … here we are!

I am excited about

Me, Life, boredom, my random friends…clearly there’s nothing in particular, am having those girly confused

Ooh then I dreamt I achieved something. Problem is I can’t remember the dream exactly…oops!, shuut that always happens. There’s a bird pecking my window.mmmh!! Just looking for something to believe in…haha but God Rules!!

Today I am feeling

Cold, my feet are really freezing. I mean I thought it will be sunny like the rest of the days but it’s cloudy and rainy. But am happppy either way.

My Funky Friday Theme Song

Ke$ha – Your Love is My Drug *wink*wink* That’s just the song #ilike

This Weekend I

was planning to go for a barbeque but it got cancelled 🙁 but I really want nyama choma . So mmmh! am on agenda – getting it. Might just end up doing my usual chilling and bumming, which I don’t mind at all. #ilove

I am really craving

Ethopian delicacy… and how I hated it at first…shiiish i’m salivating already.

I wish

I want, I’ve now stopped wishing #suspense yah I’m not going to say, I believe if I do it won’t come true so #zip

I hope

For the best things in life. From my mind, to my blog, to God’s ears :) .. AMEN!

Today Inspiration Quote is

“Focus on your faith and let God deal with your fears”

And I have the most amazing tweetmates…

Have  FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! Stay Safe and Take Care!

Signing Off — *Kawi*