The Concealer or Open Book?

You’re given a choice between the two, which one would you pick based on the one that best fits your personality?

You wonder what I would pick? Let me first put them into perspective. The concealer is used to hide a blemish, a scar mostly on the face or a part that’s visible to the public. We’re not talking make up, but that would be the best example to use. The concealer would be one that matches your skin tone so that it’s not so obvious that you’ve concealed or hidden anything. It makes you look flawless, it brings you close to perfection with the even skin tone (which many of us lack). The concealer guides you on what you’ll think about them and how you’ll perceive them. You see, they’ve already concealed their flaws, and to the public the only thing that’s left to think is how perfect they are.

While the open book, is just like it is, open and ready for you to read and interpret the way your mind knows best. The open book is at the recipients discretion, how he/she interprets it is up to them. The open book has your wrongs and rights, your strengths and weakness all laid out. Your story exposes your flaws and perfections at one go. It’s like having a face with uneven skin tone, but you just rock it because, that’s you. Whether you have a concealer or not, it doesn’t bother you because, those are the things that make up the person you are. And there’s an inherent reason why you are the way you are.

That being said, for the longest time I thought I was an open book. But with time I realized, I can be a concealer too, trouble. Though, I try to wipe off the concealer as soon as I realize it’s covering me up and trying to make me portray something I’m not. At the end of the day, I want anyone that reads my *open* book to know who I am and who I’m not, what I advocate for and what I don’t, in as much as there as there is also room for improvement since I don’t have it all figured out. It makes it easier for you to sort out your life and know who fits in and who doesn’t. It’s a tough and crazy world, just as there are so many things craving your attention, which one’s will get it at any one point largely depends on what you portray yourself to be.


So, I would pick the open book and really work towards ensuring that I remain as one. Even when sometimes my other inner voice tells me that I need the concealer.

Have a soulful Sunday, and lots of blessings your way.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*