Natural Hair Chit Chat: The Elusive Two Cornrows.

It’s all fun and dandy when when your fro is tiny winy, they call it a TWA (Tiny Winy Afro). It feels like a new beginning, like your hair was carrying all the sins of the creamy crack and they’ve been washed away. And here you are, all so natural, feeling so good about yourself and your now unpolluted hair. Then it starts growing. And the memories start flooding your mind, and it makes sense why the creamy crack (I loved Motions, it made your hair strands so soft and straight) had your name written all over it every 3-6 months. The growth!

It’s now at this length where it’s just uncooperative, and when it’s not, there’s some level of imbalance somewhere. You can feel the length, but you can’t see it. Better known as shrinkage. Styling is a daily challenge and you suddenly become an expert in landscaping your hair. The way you finger comb it or stretch it or half comb it with the metallic comb to give it oomph, then pat it to level it up. You just can’t wake up and rub your hair with some oils one touch then you’re out like you once did.

Natural Hair

Worse if you don’t like protective styling (PS) – braiding, weaves, wigs, like me, because then this challenge becomes an everyday routine. There’s no break and you have secret thoughts like if you could just make some home-made knots (matuta’s) or some twists (which always end up shrinking and looking like small worms on your head) and go to work in them. But because you have an image to maintain, you just faithfully undo them in the morning and style the fro. They take time and commitment to make. Then I discovered that despite my shrinkage, my hair can easily be divided into two portions – and even better be plaited into the two huge cornrows.

Natural Hair, Naturally Curly,

You can imagine my excitement. Along with my usual natural hair staples, and just a few amendments here and there. Like trying out the Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, which strangely is everything. I thought it was not for the kinky fro’s. After the wash, it leaves my hair feeling so silky smooth. Also, the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse which my fellow kurlly buddies swear by, if this review is anything to go by. I honestly don’t get the science behind how it works, all I can say is that it works but smells yucky (more like puky). I remember my mother always saying, “those yucky things are the healthiest – she was referring to legumes and vegetables then”. Last but not least, Hot Oil treatment, I just put my combination of oils (measured in tablespoons) together in a tin and microwave it for a few seconds.

It’s amazing how all these things can make you look like a mad woman scientist in a lab (the bathroom). Just concocting things, that sometimes have distinctive smells, both pleasant and otherwise. Thank God he understands. But with the two cornrows, there’s hope that, that which can only be felt, can finally be seen.


Happy Friday Loves!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*