The Human Side

I was perusing through my twitter and Facebook timeline earlier in the day just to catch up with current news and know what’s going with the people around and not so around me. You know, kind of like that lap of honour the watchman takes in the estate every so often, sometimes to make sure that everything and everyone is secure, then other time just to get the estate gossip first-hand.

Social Tools

At some point, I found myself laughing at what I was doing because from a few updates and photos I get to find out so much about different people. Like this person got married, got a baby, broke up, is having a rough day or an amazing day, is dating someone among other things.  From those updates, you want to dig just a bit deeper to know when that happened, what’s been going on, who are those other people, do I know them, if not just maybe I can get a sneak peek of who they are.

All this while, that is none of my business. I mean, it shall not add any value to my life if I knew how an acquaintance is progressing, whether he/she is happy, sad, dating, expecting. Unless of course it’s something that requires complements, sympathy or my contribution, otherwise, I’m just being nosy trying to satisfy the ever-growing curiosity.

That’s just the social sites, how about the magazines we buy every month to read someone’s story. Or for those of us who don’t buy because we have them at the salon and we spend the entire time reading about other people, what they’ve been through, what they are going through, how they live and what they do. For those who are not curious readers. I can bet you can find yourself getting updates on people through conversation, not necessarily people you know, it could be people you probably know by proxy or even some you don’t know at all and whose information you don’t necessarily need, but sure does sound interesting or you can relate to in one way or another.

I then figured that the essence of all these social tools both off-line and on-line  is to enable us to show our human side. The vulnerable side that we so much want to hide but feels better when let it out or when we see that we are not alone in certain situations. To some extent the social bit is like a survival tactic in a world that’s sometimes so technical and mechanical.

Even after this thought, I wouldn’t want to stop being curious or knowing things that sometimes I have no business knowing. I could learn something from it *perfect excuse*. However, I will equate social tools to a buffet that offers a choice of delicious dishes. It’s now my role to decide what I’ll serve on my plate, how much of it, how I’ll chew it and how much time I’ll spend on that meal. For example I choose Facebook, I’ll go through my timeline but be smart enough not to become “mouse happy” and click away into people’s profiles/pictures I don’t know or snoop into an update.

I think knowing is good, we were born curious and wanting to be all-knowing. However, sometimes we get greedy and what to know everything even the irrelevant (unimportant) which in turn takes up the time that could be used to do other important things *says this pointing to self*. Strive to know what you think will give you a competitive edge, build you as an individual, enable you to help/minister/inspire someone else and so on, at least something with a purpose, but if it’s knowing just for *poking your nose* purposes you’re allowed to judge yourself … very harshly*wink*

Our most precious human gift: The wonder of curiosity. The insatiable thirst to know more about what we know … and to speculate about what we don’t — and to explore this vast realm. ~ David Bin



Valentines Day 

Now that it’s tomorrow, what will guys be up to? Just looking at my previous Feb 14th posts (here and here) and the three things that  stand out are:

  • I was single
  • I did believe in love, the love that the bible describes in 1st Corinthians 13
  • The day was just another day in the life of Kawi

This time round, let’s see what’s changed about that:

  • I am not single, we’re double trouble *woop woop*
  • I definitely still strongly believe in love, the same kind of love. Plus my “guinea pig” to experiment it on…lol
  • I don’t intend on making a big deal out of the day, never have. Buuut, am not one to refuse anything special that comes my way in any form or gesture and vice versa.

Happy Hump Day Comrades and Pre-Valentines Day just in case I get caught up tomorrow.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*