The Life Manual

I’ve been meaning to do this, start a weekly motivation piece. I just didn’t know how to go about it. But what do we know about ideas coming up when you least expect them to? And it happens to be quite timely too, because it’s at a time when I need all the motivation too.

The other day, someone asked me how I manage to stay visibly happy and by visibly, I think it’s because I tend to smile a lot, and sometimes I’m usually a bit extra when I see people. Even when I am feeling low and crushed, I somehow manage to channel the energies within to have a conversation and at the very least smile. Then I told them, it’s because it comes from a genuine place. I didn’t have a better answer to be honest.

Weekly Motivation

Then I thought about it later, and I figured that most of the time I am able to pick up my broken pieces and move on swiftly, because I almost always release my struggles to God. I really do. Like picture me with my hands up saying, “This time, I did my bit Lord. I really did. And I don’t know why it went the way it did.” And I conclude with a, “it must be God.”

There are so many times I wish that life had a manual. One that we could refer to when going through the motions that life brings our way. And especially when facing challenges, because when things are working out, and all is nice and dandy, we’re usually busy celebrating and relishing the moments, manuals are the last things we’re thinking of.  

For that reason, the one thing I am recently very grateful for, and which for a long time I have taken for granted, is the bible. I’ve realized that we couldn’t have a better life manual and better stories and practical examples to back up whatever advice is given therein.

I know we all have different beliefs, but for me that’s where I choose to draw my inspiration from. Knowing that there’s a God, who is guiding my steps and whose divine power is greater than any living being. And so a lot of my weekly motivations will be coming from what I am learning from the bible and how we can apply it practically.

Ps. I am not saying I will lead a faultless life, I’m far from it. I’m human. However, it will be interesting to unlock some of these secrets the bible has. Like how different people handled the different tricky or difficult situations they found themselves in, and what the outcomes were – good or bad and what we can learn from it. And anyways, it will also help me read the bible more frequently and if you’re trying to read your bible too.

I will be sharing with you the book/verse I’m reading, and then in my own special way interpret what I’ve picked up from it and what about it has motivated or inspired me.  Then you can also read it and interpret it for yourself. We all perceive things differently, so you can feel free to share what you get from it and we can learn from each other.

Stay Inspired,