The Power Of Association

Throughout my life I have always tried to maintain two key qualities; not judging anyone based on their background and maintaining humility. I definitely have my parents to thank for instilling and being great examples of those qualities. Having grown up in Kenya, I have always thought of myself more as a Kenyan than an Indian, because of how I was raised and the people I was surrounded by growing up.

And as I have gotten older and progressively become my own person over time, I have come to realize the importance of always associating yourself with the right people. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe no one should ever be judged for their circumstances and life. But I think as you maneuver through life, it is more important to associate yourself with people who have these three critical qualities that are aligned to yours.

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Ambition is something that anyone can have. Ambition can be contagious. There are some people that just have this energy which really inspires and motivates you to push harder, try harder and never give up. The most interesting thing about ambition is that it has no trend e.g. only people urban dwellers or only rich people are ambitious or only 20 something year olds. You can meet and learn from someone’s dreams, passions anywhere and everywhere.


Integrity goes a long way in the world we live in. Everything is so much more competitive and everyone is trying to get ahead a lot faster. The sad reality is that many people are willing to walk over, back stab or generally just find ways to out shine the threat. I always feel those tactics will eventually catch up with you. There is some comfort in knowing that person X means well or person Y’s heart is in the right place, this makes it so much easier to trust and build a relationship with a person.


I just think this is one of the most important qualities. It allows you to see things for what they are as opposed to how you want to see them. I think if you are unable to see your faults or other people’s strengths then everything else is not genuine. This quality is especially important the further you grow in your career, the more established your personal goals get and the more achievements you gain.

People always say that the people you associate with make all the difference. I think it is all about balancing what you let influence you. At the end of the day, the power of association can get stronger when you are able to make the most of the good qualities in a person. Because we are all human, the bad qualities are there but sometimes we just need to focus on someone’s good without judgment or prejudice. We can learn something from anyone despite their social status, life circumstance, career level or cultural background.

Open your mind and heart to learning because there is a strong power that associating with positive people can bring. Even if it is the smallest element of positivity.

Keep smiling,

Naazneen Parkar aka ‘Naaz’