The Power of Tissue Paper.

I think if there is one object that really hates its work or purpose in life it’s the ill-fated Tissue paper, like really. I cannot even begin to imagine the number of asses it has had to go through only to be thrown into the toilet and to be flushed down into the sewer. It cannot get anymore disgusting than that.

So can you imagine the joy of the tissue paper on seeing that, there’s no more of it left to wipe your behind and it’s caught you off-guard. That’s the moment that if empty toilet rolls could speak this is what they would exactly tell you, “HA HA you’re fucked now!”

Assume the place as a tissue paper, would you like to be the best tissue paper in the market, that is the best quality or the poorest quality in the market? After all you will all serve the same purpose in the long run? … that is to wipe the behind!

I know, I am awkward, but if I was a tissue I would like to be “Fay tissue”, you know the smooth kind that will leave the owners behind smooth and clean … lol, and expensive so that the owner will dent their pocket a bit as they buy. So that they will be buying not because they are going to use me to wipe their behinds but because of the feeling I leave them after using me. Do you know how important tissue is? Like seriously … It’s the one thing that you’re definitely never going to miss in someones toilet … as long as they have one!

Hehe, I know you’re thinking I’m psycho going on and on about tissue and more tissue, but I saw that picture and this is what ran through mind:

I have gone to some random place and I am super pressed to the point of peeing on myself, you know the kind that gets you crossing your legs and making all the kind of comical moves before you get to the loo just to distract the concentration. When I reach the loo, I struggle to get my pants off or at least unzip them without breaking a button or spoiling the zip because of the anticipation of sitting down on the loo and releasing the contents of the bladder and maybe the bowel too. Just after I have comfortably sat on the toilet bowl and began my heavily awaited activity, I look to the side and there’s absolutely no sign of tissue paper O_O , actually what is there is that brown bottom paper a little sign of white meaning that the person who was there just before you had ripped it to the last bit.

Yes! Isn’t that a completely new source of stress, wondering what to do? what to do? Alternative means of cleaning the mess of my behind?  I can say this, even out of imagination, this can be the most disturbing moment in your life…lol. If only you had the tissue, wouldn’t it make the situation much more bearable and containable, because all you have to do is, sit on the toilet bowl, release, pick the tissue, wipe, wear and life moves on as usual. Without the tissue the series is completely distorted.

What it means is that sometimes the big things in life can push you to the edge, that you can’t hold it anymore and you just want to let out like the contents of the bladder and the bowel that you forget to look at the little important things in life, in this case the tissue. This small important things in life are the ones that will prevent you from getting into shit or from being fucked … if you know what I mean.

The tissue paper holds power, that we don’t realize until it has actually run out i.e. the empty tissue paper roll. In essence, we should not  let it run out, that’s why we buy tissue paper in bulk or have those tissue holders hanged in the loo, with a constant supply, when it’s about to run out, you fill it in, because you don’t want to be caught in that situation unawares.

Those small things, like politeness, kindness, love, faith, hope, peace, encouragement, truth, patience, loyalty … you know the usual, that we think are so small are the ones which make the whole difference and when they run out, life never gets any easier … if anything that would be a new source of stress.

Why I would compare this stuff to tissue? It’s because you can love and not be loved back, or you can be polite to someone who is completely rude to you or you can give to someone who is super stingy, or be patient with someone who has kept you waiting for ages or be loyal to someone who is betraying every bit of you …..  Just like the tissue wipes just anyone who rolls it down wether a good or bad person.

Ps: I ain’t saying be a sissy, but don’t less the juices of your goodness be drained off *You get the drift?*


Embrace those tissues in life and make sure that they never run out, because you don’t want an empty tissue paper roll having power over you and giving you an “HA HA you’re fucked now!” ~ Kawiria

Always look at the toilet holder before you sit on the toilet bowl to do your business, one of the important life lessons … lol (It’s not everyday you can call your sister or mother to bring you tissue … *been there done that* … hehe)

Lovely weekend, lovely peoples!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*