The Quick Fix

I just landed on this piece of advice, which I think is the best I’ve read today, very timely too. I’m an avid follower of ‘Humans of New York’, and it’s amazing how everyone you encounter either has an observation they’ve made or an experience they’re been through that makes them more aware of the things that they do. Like this gentleman who was approached and asked,

“If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?”

“Try your best to deal with life without medicating yourself.”

“You mean drugs?”

“I mean drugs, food, shopping, money, whatever. I ain’t judging anybody, either. I was hooked on heroin for years. But now I’ve learned that every feeling will pass if you give it time. And if you learn to deal with your feelings, they’ll pass by faster each time. So don’t rush to cover them up, or you’re never gonna learn.” Source

Well, most if not all of us, always look for a quick fix when our emotions are a mix. We think the quick fix will help us feel better or be numb about the situation until it passes. We pick up habits that we call “my fix”, I mean, we even own them. Like you know your fix and you actually vouch for it “I know myself, this is what I do.” You would say how you – go to a corner and stuff yourself with food or snacks; pop open a bottle of something; inhale some foreign substances; buy stuff you don’t need (retail therapy); stay under covers for hours/days. All in the name of fixing the situation. I am guilty of saying that by the way.

Life Lessons, HONY


Truth be told, even if you own a quick fix that you pick up every time something goes wrong, it won’t really sort your emotional mix. The quick fix might make you feel like you’re on top of the situation, but in essence you’ve just coated it, and over time it will chip off and remain bare staring right back at you. You have to eventually face it and deal with it, when the time is right (you will feel it), difficult as it may be. Only then, does it make things better. Because we know it, but stay in denial that time really does heal a broken heart.

So whatever challenge you’re going through, face it and let time be the healer as you deal with it, not a quick fix. Just as they say “cheap is expensive,” sometimes quick could also be slow and lengthier. I tell myself that too.

Happy Thursday Loves!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*