The Therapist.

Someone once said “a problem stated is a problem half solved” , there’s also “a problem shared is a problem half solved ”

Am the kind of person who when having a problem, I would like to first find a solution then after solving it, I can now share. I know there are many like me. Like to keep stuff to yourself.

Well, lately I realized that the problem you are going through, is not so special, there are so many other people going through the same thing. Sometimes you don’t even know what exactly the problem is but by telling it to someone, you sort of get a clear picture of it. It’s like a project where you do “statement of the problem” …. This is critical even in everyday life.

Anyhow why I say that stating and sharing a problem with a trusted one, it could be indirectly i.e. you say it like a story is because I tend to think that it’s like therapy in a way. Releasing a burden that you had been carrying alone to others. (again this could be done indirectly). The people you share with, could have experienced it as well and they can contribute on various ways to help solve it. In the long run it always ends up being something hilarious, because you can’t imagine how you have suffered for so long while someone else has solutions at their finger tips… or means to get to the solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that one is always going to air their dirty linen in public … plus don’t go sharing with any Tom, Dick and Harry … There are those things that solving alone can be cumbersome … like a business Idea, financial crisis, r/ship issue(could be marital) — bleh bleh bleh, trying to say friends can be quite therapists in a not so direct way 🙂
Signing off *Kawi*


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