The why oh why’s??

Don’t you think it would be awkward living a life without questioning some things ? I mean why oh why does something need to be how it is… It’s only human to do that, I would be surprised if you don’t.

So on Saturday am sitted with my friends in a restaurant indulging in one which I would call my fun activities *eating and chatting*. And on the television, was the a channel on DSTV I think either Wild or National Geographic ok I think it’s wild, we don’t have DSTV so I’m not conversant with them. Anyway, they were featuring a village somewhere, like those backward villages, where they are still living like in the stone age.

By this I mean, they are still walking partially naked and bare feet, they are still hunting and gathering, playing in the river, sitting around the fire at night telling tales and dancing. And when you look at them, they look pretty happy. I mean they are glowing and they look totally content with life. They look like they are having so much fun and living every moment, from the babies to the old folks. They all hang out together at the end of the day as a village.

Now we were all amazed by this, by then no one had commented. Then my friend goes like, “Okay, those guys look happy without the Gucci’s”…lol And that’s when I turn and it actually hits me, it’s not a movie am watching, it’s a reality thing, there are guys actually still living that way, and the journalists are actually featuring their way of life.

So we start analysing why they look so happy, seeing as their state of life is a bit backward *ok not a bit, it’s very*. They have no clothes, no shoes (hence the no Gucci’s or dolce&gabbana), no cars (even toyotas), no fast food restaurants, they feed on game meat or veggies and grains(nuts) — it’s like the stone age I read on my History books.

Being the realist me, I go like, they are happy because they are not exposed to all this earthly material things that are sooo expensive to have and maintain. I mean they are wearing they all have the same clothing, which is bottoms made of either material (like kikoi’s or cow hide), they are all bare foot, they all walk there’s no one driving…literally there’s no competition.

Then here comes the big question my dear friend after a bit of thinking asks,” why do we have all this material things — money, cars, clothes from designers from here to there, and that smile and glowing-ness (generally happiness) keeps evading us like plague???

That question, was followed by many others like:

Why do we live?

What is our purpose, why weren’t we just told that this is your role in earth, this is what you have to do … and when you’re done, you die. On the other hand, we were popped and told *not in the literal sense* go live life, figure it out yourself, do what you want to do. Think of it like the making a movie, “You have the cast (family and friends), but no plot, its for you to figure it out.”No clues, no hints, no nothing. Every day is like a mystery.

Why do we do what we do?

Why would you wake up in the morning and decide, I am going to work, and then I will call someone go for coffee then I will go back home and chill, why don’t you just stay at home all day. Why is it that you chose to follow the path that you are following and not the other. Do you get curious to know where the other path would’ve led you.

Why is it so hard to be entirely happy?

I mean you have literally everything, let’s just say you’re Maslow’s Hierarchy is on point, the *Psychological, Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem, Self Actualization* needs have been met of fulfilled, but you are just not happy. or is it that we don’t know what happiness is? You are still stressed and frustrated about something. It could be the smallest thing i.e you’re friend has cancelled a date….you will be sad, but you have everything else. #EvenIdontget

Why is it that we never get content with what we have?

Is there a day you will find yourself content with what you have, Bill gates still works his ass. Gosh, that’s frustrating. I barely get 0.00000000000000000000000000000(*so many other 0’s)1 of what he earns in a month. At what point does one get content with what they have. is it when you become a billionaire? is it when you’re loved ones love you and give you all the care in the world *does that even happen*? is it when you achieve your dreams?

My conclusion

Gosh there are so many why’s  I have and we all have. And clearly there’s nothing you can do to figure them out, I mean, not even statistics can. Ever been in a situation, where someone asks you “are you happy?” you will say yes, because you are okay health-wise, you have a good job and a good family but somewhere at the back of your mind and heart (sometimes I can’t figure which one is at work) there is that something that’s bringing a wave of sadness or worry and you can’t just figure it. Why oh why?

All I can say “life is so twisted”, it always gives you a mix of everything, maybe that’s the fun *okay not in the real sense of fun* part of it. It’s a puzzle where you haven’t been given the other pieces, like you are the starting piece and you have to search for the other pieces all over the world *YIKES*. The world in this case being the box where you remove the pieces.

For example, you have to search for a wife/husband all over, I mean someone in Africa can marry someone in a place in South America, You can search for jobs and find one in the farthest part of the world that you’ve never thought of like Kazakhstan.You can have friends from all corners of the world, of different ages and statuses. It’s that twisted. Again I say, everyday is a mystery, you just don’t know what’s going to happen.


Enjoy and make full use of the present moment, as you look forward to the future. For you don’t know what the future brings you/holds , but at least you are living the present, so make the best out of it, that’s like the much you have control of.

Thanks to the ones who made me think out such… #Edward and #Richard

And on that, a SUPER SPLENDID MONDAY to all my readers 🙂

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*