Thee Fear Factor

This is actually from a “post” that I had done earlier but was in form of a page…but then I think it now deserves to be an actual post.

Ever been asked something like “What’s your worst fear?

Well, I have always thought of that question as “What is it that gives you the creeps, like that cold shiver running down your spine”?

It’s until now I realize what the question does not only mean, the above, but it also means “What is it that holds you back, that keeps you from exploring your potentials?” besides giving you the creeps too.

Heres a well-known acronym for fear:

F.E.A.R = False evidence appearing real ~~ Who thinks up this things?

I read somewhere the meaning of the above acronym. It means that, “even though what we’re fearful of seems very real to us, it’s usually something we’ve made up in our heads, as opposed to something we’re facing in physical form. Studies on the stress hormone cortisol (yeah that’s a word..who knew?) show that our bodies react to our thoughts regardless of what is actually in front of us.”

Hence the reason people say, that it is all in your head. Whatever it is that holds you back is all in your head…yep! Some here’s my list of things that hold me back in order of descending order:

Fear of Loss : This for me is fear of death, I wouldn’t want to imagine anyone close to me or anyone that I love dead. I actually think of them as immortal. How one overcomes that fear I don’t know.

Fear of Failure : I really hate failing (who doesn’t anyway??),  thing is if I fail I usually feel bad, like ‘you good for nothing’..ok am joking, but honestly, I do feel bad, especially if its something you’ve work hard on…then again, sometimes one has to fail to be able to learn lessons and all those important things in life or so that one can put more effort in a smart way… Life, I tell you!

Fear of Abandonment/rejection/being stranded/spontaneity : Now this one holds me back a lot, especially from trying out new or risky stuff. I like familiarity or routine. I can actually say am not that much of a risk taker…which is a very bad thing. Life is short, if anything one should be spontaneous not rigid. So that’s supposed to change soon.

My fear of Crawling animals or anything that walks in four. Haha, this is hilarious and I shall blame it on my nanny when I was a toddler because she used animals to scare me so that I can eat… oh yeah, apparently I was a very poor eater (unbelievable but yeah!) …  And for sure she instilled that fear in me.

Then I read this quote somewhere, “Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love” – Ranier Maria Rilke ~~~~~ LOL, like really? That means that when a caterpillar crawls up on you it’s just looking for acceptance, love…Never Ever. That goes for dogs and cats too…Catch me dead getting cuddly with either, I avoid them like plaque you’d think they are poisonous. Honestly, they freak the living hell-out-of me.

There some fears I hear of but I haven’t really experienced them, or I have partially, just that it doesn’t affect me much.

  • Fear of heartbreaks : I’m pretty sure there’s a fear like that, I know of some people who are so closed up to anything involving love, opposite sex, relationships bleh bleh bleh. I can bet there’s even some scientist who has come up witha name for that.
  • Fear of closed space : Claustrophobia, I have never understood this fear, I had never experienced it until recently when I was in a matatu, sitted on the middle lane, hence far from the windows, it was raining outside and all the windows were closed. The heat in the vehicle was unbearable and considering I had eaten a lot, I was feeling like I’m either going to puke or scream – one feels like they can’t breath.
  • Fear of water: Aquaphobia, I love swimming, the sea,the ocean, a tab full o water, the shower…so clearly me and water were meant to be.
  • Fear of darkness: Haha, this one always makes me laugh at myself, because it makes me imagine things like someone is following me and so on. Especially after a horror movie…wololo!

  • Fear of homosexuals: Homophobia …. oh well, I advocate for homosexuality or lesbianism, but I don’t fear them. I could comfortably live with them provided some girl doesn’t hit on me..eeeeewww!
  • Fear of injections: when I was younger I was so afraid of injections that I would be beaten before I settle down to be injected..thank God my mum is persevering and patient, because when I got sick I was a pain in the a**, same ol’ ame ol’
  • Fear of heights: I think I can manage heights..well, I get the creeps but I can tolerate, I get over it quickly. I can be daring at times *yeah right* I can never do Banju Jumping or Sky diving… I would get a heart attack…lol

Now whoever came up with that  Fear Factor reality show…When I used to watch it, I used to get disgusted and/or scared on behalf of the contestants, they used to eat and do things out of this world. But heeey, I bet the main aim behind it is that, FEAR is one of those things that you shouldn’t let rule your life, you should always be ahead of the game. \nn/

Keeping in mind that, “Your options are limited only by your fears!”

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*