Things Undone.

With the current trend of the internet you wonder if there’s anything unthought, untold or unwritten. Basically, anything you try search for on the internet, someone has either thought it and searched it (because it would automatically give you options of what you intend to type out based on searches done before or what the database holds and goes ahead to ask you “Did you mean something alternative” if what you typed is not what they have), talked or written about it and if it’s doesn’t get weird enough, they’ve probably sang about it.

This got me thinking about things undone. What has not yet been done? Because most of the time we say, “don’t reinvent the wheel”. Any time you want to come up with ideas, strategies, policies, solutions … something, anything. Of course some situations have already been researched on and turned into methodologies that set the standards of how certain things should be done, in a certain systematic or procedural way. Then there are those things you can do based on your free will. Given that opportunity, you wonder how to exercise your own free will. You want to go back to the internet and see what others have done. Maybe borrow a thing or two, or more. Others will even opt to, you know, copy paste the damn thing, because free will – why am I re-inventing the wheel. It even makes you feel like what you’re thinking or what you just said is wrong or uncool, because someone else did it differently.

There are things that are not yet done. Not yet done, at least by you. Just because someone else has done something that you had wanted to do, doesn’t mean that you also don’t it for yourself or for others. The fact that you have gone ahead to do it, that only, makes it different. You know that saying, “different strokes for different folks” . After all, great minds think alike ain’t it? But doesn’t mean that they execute the thought the same way. With all the people in this world, chances are that you’re not going to be the only one thinking what you’re thinking. The difference between you and the other person(s), is who actually does it and how they do it. God is a clever one, I don’t know how he created us to be so similar yet so different. It baffles me.

Many are the times I am sharing an experience with friends and they’ve gone through the same experience I have. The situations, circumstances, actions and outcomes might have been different but the thought that drove us to doing whatever it was, was the same. Nothing amazes me as much as that does. Most of the time I find it unbelievable. It’s like God is trying to communicate that you’re special, but then again you’re not too special to be going through something alone, good or bad. Everyone is given an opportunity to be, to be in their own special (different) way despite the similarities.

There are so many things I think, I say, I write and I eventually want to do. Nothing is special per se or really out of this world, most of them have been done by others, but when I think of it that way, it’s not motivating at all. So, I’m leading myself to thinking and believing that despite them being done by others, there are so many things I haven’t yet done. And if I don’t do those things, I will regret not doing them at one point or another.

Things Not Done

I just need to PUSH my self a little to the EDGE of the cliff because I’m sort of GLUED to where I’m currently STANDING and get the courage to JUMP and FLY, even though I am SCARED of heights or what the DEPTHS of the cliff might HOLD. Things have got to be done.

An almost similar post I had done earlier, Into the Unknown. As I was writing, I just figured this feeling sounds a bit too familiar. Like something I’d have thought, said or written before. It wasn’t such a far-fetched thought.

Signing Off ~~ *Kawi*