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Hasn’t this one been one long week full of anxiousness, uncertainty and unanswered questions with regards to the events that unfolded in our beloved country? So much loss in different places. Though the one that came close home was the Westgate attack, because for a moment there I put myself in that situation. It could have been me or you, because at one time or another, we find ourselves there, either for meetings, shopping or fun times. Today at the office, we had a moment of prayer and one of the pastors (yes we have a couple of pastors in the office) made us *okay, me* understand that in all these tragedies, something is born that enables us to rise above the tragedies and we’re blessed. That we should thank God in everything even those things that make us grief and let Gods will be.

Thank God It's Friday
Source – Mutua Matheka: Thank God It’s Friday

I finished reading “Half of a Yellow Sun” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Boy, is she a story-teller even in writing. Got to hear her story in one of the TED talks and from the way she was speaking, I was like, “I need to read something she’s written.” In short, it was one book that I had trouble putting down. And when I did, somewhere at the back of my mind, I was thinking about it. She narrates the war so vividly, she puts life in the characters. In my head, I must’ve been reading with their voices and accents. When I finished, I couldn’t believe I’m done. I wanted to know what happened next, what happened to Olanna’s twin sister Kainene? I didn’t want to finish it, but I did.

If I had any hopes of writing, this book here brought me back to reality…lol. Not that I don’t believe in myself. Maybe I don’t, but yikes! If that’s one literary text to compare my *attempt to* writing to, I’ve got a long way to go. The grammar, the flow, the telling of the story … maybe I’ve over-blown her horn but she damn good. Can’t wait to get my hands on her other books. Purple Hibiscus or Americana maybe.  They’ll all be read either way. Says me who was never into literature in high school. I wish I had the same interest when I was reading my Chinua Achebe et al. Ever realized that when you’re forced to do something it’s not as fun as when you’re doing it because you’ve voluntarily pushed yourself towards it? Education should have been like that.

Safari Sevens

Safari 7’s last weekend was lots of fun. The boyfriend and I were lucky to get complementaries from KQ and Wrigleys thanks to ah-so-mazing friends and we totally had a good time. Until my friend started working for Wrigleys, I always considered it a very foreign company. For some reason I even thought they imported all the chewing gum and sold it here, SMH! That was just plain ignorance on my part though. They are aggressive in marketing their products and have them available everywhere, like literally. Tell me someone who doesn’t know orbit. If you don’t, I owe you a pack. So can we comfortably say this is my first give-away he he.

Then listen to this jam by Elani – Jana Usiku! Kenyan music gets better and better, that’s been on replay this week. “Me nataka paree pareee! Sahau shida kaa umesota, leo tupige makele corner to corner tukiimba…” Don’t you just want to do that sometimes. Let the good times roll even when broke *woop woop*

Super Friday to y’all. May you have a blessed one and keep safe. While at it, a little more laughing, living and loving.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


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  1. Muringo says

    Your office pastor… God sent.
    Chimamanda is a great writer. Her writing is vivid and carries you to her world. What I’d give for such talent.

    Happy Friday Kawi.

    1. Kawi says

      Muringo yes he is. He made us look at it from a different perspective, which makes you feel a little less remorseful and more thankful. Oh yeah Chimamanda is something else. Thanks for passing by.

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