#ThrowBackThursday: Chicken Burritos.

Slurp! I was just organizing my desktop – you know how it can get messy when you’ve just been working and saving all the documents randomly on your desktop, but when you are trying to find those documents you’ve been working on, it becomes a real problem. So I prefer to put them in their specific folders so when the time to retrieve the documents comes, it’s a breeze. Getting rid of those unnecessary self-inflicted problems.

I digress. As I was organizing my desktop, I landed on this beautiful pictures of some Burrito’s we made and ate last year. Yes, last year. In December, we spend some substantial amount of time with our friend’s during the festive season. It was mostly about food and hanging out. I miss such days.

Tasty Delights

Mike (of A Day in A Dogs Life) has a knack on making odd foods, which he says are just an appetizer before the main meal. But of course those are lies. After he served us these local style burritos, the next natural thing to do was lie down on our back and take that afternoon nap, ‘the itis’ is real.

The ingredients;

  • Deboned chicken in a marinade (We’ll ask Mike what he put in there. If I recall I was busy playing Minion Rush, which I have since stopped playing since I’m at a stage I can’t seem to pass)

Chicken, Tasty Delights

  • Browned Onions


  • Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Lettuce, Mayonnaise, Coriander

Chapati, Tasty Delights

  • Chapati

Tasty Delights, Chicken Burrito

If I could relive that day, I would eat less greedily. That’s it. When you’re presented with food and you’re extremely hungry, you serve a lot forgetting that it was just meant to be an appetizer. The main meal was some delicious pork roast. Choices! You can imagine the struggle. We’re still shedding off the weight I gained during that time.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*