Turn Swag On/Off.

So a good friend of mine calls me up and tells me our dinner is long overdue *YAAAY* words you’d love to hear any day… those are the people who know how to make a gloomy turn into a bright vibrant day, it can’t get better than that. Gosh! I can be so easy to please, wonder why people never get it.

Anyway, we go for dinner and as we catch up … I get the urge to go to the bathroom #TMI I know! And alas! who do I find in the bathroom? Some very beautiful ladies taking pics of themselves by the mirrors, the full posing and all. A conversation strikes of:

Lady1 : Hey, don’t mind us, we are not usually like like this!

Me: No problem, I understand .. Don’t mind me!

Lady2 (to her friends): Oh my the door is open, we’ll look like we are in the bathrooms.

Lady3 (responds): But isn’t the whole point to show that we are in thee hotel

Lady2: Oh ok … Smile to the camera now!

Me: *Beyond bedazzled*

Please note that this did not amuse me because it was shady or something close to that … because it really is shady anyway. It’s because this ladies looked like they have no care for the world … they were enjoying the shady moments like completely. They did not stop because I entered the room or even feel embarrassed, they excused themselves.

Then as I was cleaning my hands and watching them with the corner of my eye … the rural swag crossed my mind. This was just but one example of the ideal rural swag. I am pretty sure you’re probably wondering what rural swag is (#ruralswag) … that’s if you are not active on twitter or not on twitter … for your sake, I’ll do the whole definition thing:

Rural swag is the process of *gosh 8.4.4 was such a mess* … It’s when as much as you’re uptown or better yet élite a.k.a barbie there are those ‘village like’ or ‘shady’ habits that just make you happy enough to make you turn your urbane swag off.

Swag in this case being your uptown class, style, demeanor e.t.c

You get the gist of it? There are those things you do that are just shady or very village like and you know they are … but the best thing about it is that the process and the results just make you beyond happy. Here are a few that I am guilty of and I know I am cool, but sometimes that swag has gotta be turned off a bit, considering that, “too much of something is bad for your health”… lol. That’s such a perfect excuse.

  • Watching local programs like vioja mahakamani, tahidi high, papa shirandula(sp)  …  name them, the accents just completely amuse me. Sometimes Naija movies if I catch an intriguing one on African magic as long as there are no people wailing or black magic and there’s nothing else to watch.
  • Drinking off bottles instead of pouring drink in glass – I mean like from a 1 liter soda or juice box.
  • Eating with my hands … mainly applies for food edible that way such as ugali, meat, chicken, greens – somehow they
  • Taking pics in random places … except the bathroom … lol
  • Eating from someone else’s plate … hehe the food on the other plate always tastes better. why?
  • Dressing down … pants (shorts/trousers), t-shirt and flats, hair held down … the simpler the better!

Those are just but a few. I have so many but I have to save face so that just in case you had an image of me as the coolest girl with the full-blown urban swag, you can just ignore the above – I eat with a fork and knife!

I say, if it makes you happy, should  it portray either your rural or urban swag, just do it! As long as you’re not stepping on someones toes or hogging on someone else’s time, money, space and so on! I know of so many times where I have to excuse myself before I do something very rural or tell the person I’m with not to mind me or I’m sorry I have to do this. hehe.

If you find someone to pull your shady (swag off) moments with or someone who doesn’t mind you doing what really makes you happy … even better. Give thanks, keep them as your favorites and love them.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*