Uncomfortable Moments.

Ever experienced a very uncomfortable/painful moment that left you wondering what normal actually feels like. I thought of this on sunday when I was in church…lol okay …ps: I was listening attentively but my mind wandered just a bit. Sometimes it’s just hard to have the full concentration for a whole 2 to 3 hrs. I bet it’s just human for the mind to veer off just a lil’bit. Then I had a conversation about it later on, and pap!! post!

Then after the uncomfy or painful moment is gone…one  feels a relief that is unfathomable. One can’t just explain how good it feels. Just to explain what I mean, here are some things that I’ve gone through and I bet 3/4 of others have too.

Shoes that are too tight/pressing/not fitting well

Ever worn new shoes that are either too tight that your toes are curling in words in order to fit,  or that are making you hurt at the back of your foot to an extent one can develop a blister. And as you walk you don’t remember how wearing a normal fitting shoe feels like. Every steps one takes makes you want to tear…sometimes you basically find yourself tip-toeing or limping. You even start looking at other people wondering whether they are experiencing the same and if not how good they must be feeling.

Now what’s the effect when you remove the shoe? RELIEF that’s on another level. You feel like you have never even worn shoes…lol and the pain just goes away, and you cannot even remember how painfully bad it felt.

A particle/eye lash/insect in the eye

This is what made me even think of this whole thing. Ever had an eyelash enter your eye. Damn than tiny piece of hair can make you feel like gorging out your eye. It’s so uncomfortable, one has too keep rubbing the eye or literally put finger in eye *disgusting* to remove the foreign body.

Your eyes can sometimes even react to the foreign body and becomes red and swollen…the look that says you’ve been smoking something illegal.

The aftermath: RELIEF that’s unbelievable, you even want to just make sure that for-sure nothing is in the eye. And all over sudden one forgets how it felt having the foreign body in your eye.

Too pressed by pee

haha ever been too pressed by pee? If you haven’t you are special and quite lucky. Because that’s not the best feeling in the world…you feel like the pipes in your body are gonna burst open. And you find yourself doing all the weirdest things such as crossing legs, bending over, jumping up and down, shaking. And trust me all those movements do help. *been there done that*

The worst is when you are about to reach the loo and the pressed-ness has reached climax…LOL #notfresh

After using the loo — there’s some level of RELIEF that cannot be described. One feels like letting out a loud *PHEW!!SIGH* actually most of  us do…just to indicate how much the relief felt.

A stomach ache/Cramps

Now this can drive you nuts…nothing beats a running stomach…waaattt! To be honest I cannot remember how it feels because it’s really bad…like MJ baaad!You feel like someone is squeezing your intestines to make some intestinal juice…yuck! At that moment you cannot recall how having a normal stomach feels like…the pain and discomfort is unbearable you can barely stand straight.

RELIEF is when the stomach feels blending/squashing/cramping feeling. Everything is intact and normal…especially the fact that you can now stand straight. And you totally forget how an aching stomach feels like. <true/false?>

A tooth ache

Ever had a tooth-ache/sensitive teeth…to be sincere I’ve never had lucky me. *Touch-Wood* but I’ve had the feeling of air passing through my teeth. How that happens I’ve got no idea. but that’s the main reason I don’t like dental floss…the few times I’ve used it, it’s made me have that airy feeling between my teeth.

It makes you forget how normal teeth feel without the air passing through/aching gum and teeth  #truestory I bet you can relate.

It’s a RELIEF when the airy feeling disappears…or when the tooth ache finally calms. Sometimes I tend to wonder how that happens. It’s an all of a sudden thing. You don’t even realize it as it goes…all of a sudden you just feel normal.

A throbbing headache

Like that action (medicine) advert, it feels like there’s someone hitting your head with a hammer over and over … when it’s in excess people call it migraines – makes you want to pull your hair off…like literally. Remember when I was in high school #form1 I had a half Indian room-mate who had one of this, and it could make her do crazy things.

But once it goes, the RELIEF is overwhelming, you wouldn’t even know the headache ever existed…one even start to imagine how the pain feels. (or I’m the only one who does that..haha)

Those are just but a few, it amazes me how quick one can forget the pain they were going through and as much as you remember the cause and how it made you feel, you can’t really remember the actual feeling unless it occurs again, then you can say “this is it”…but still explaining it to someone else can be such a task.

Still wondering if Heartaches also fall under this category?

It’s just amazing!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*