Wamathai Exclusive, A Spoken Word Gig!

Speaking of firsts, this will be my first event review. I don’t even have the slightest idea of how to do it, but hey since I want to post it, might as well just write what I experienced.

Wamathai’s Exclusive aka WamathaiEx, is a spoken word gig that is powered by which from my point of view is a site  that hosts or features poems and short stories from different authors. According to his website, he’s collaborating with over authors at the moment.


Big Up to Wamathai for coming up with such an innovative channel through which the short stories and poem authors can gain recognition from the wider fraternity. Check this site out.

Also for promoting originality, and aiming to be the no. 1 source of original poems and short stories. For banking on creativity, I give you a 10 out of 10.


The event was held on the 5th of August 2010, at the VIP Secret Lounge. had previously held it’s launch there, so it was easy to locate where the event was.

The advertising was widely done through the social networks, which is how I got to know of the existence of the event. They were charging Ksh 300. Well it had put a limit to the number of people who were to attend, I think 100. Brilliant idea because this is an easier group to manage. I would say they did their analysis well based on the 1st event (oh, this was the 2nd.) which was over-packed

The entry to the event was as smooth as it gets, it’s either you had a ticket, or you had booked in advance. It was pretty organized I must say.

I really liked their target crowd, they were all organized and clearly knew what they were there for. Basically, the first like 30 mins was for socializing around with the most HILARIOUS and amazing people, as they give time for arrivals which I found very considerate…lol, being african timers. Also as they set up and organized stuff.

Dela was the MC, she had quite some life…I liked. She makes you have psyche for the event and gives a head up for the person coming on stage.


@Antoneosoul doing what he does best – as we oogle *literally*

So there were “The songs that make your heart melt” from Jemedari and Antoneosoul … whoooa this guys can sing, no lie! Like you just want to shut up and just listen to them. Jemedari has this deep voice … yes deep bass-like, on the other hand, Anto has a mellow voice … i don’t know what to call it, if it was a girl it would be soprano (Plus I think he’ll be having a neo soul thingie at Club Sound every last Tuesday of the month). #TOOFRESH

Jemedari and his band “Skiza”

Then there are the poets who got me giving a standing ovation : Wanjeri Gakuru and Wanjiku Mwaura, this two ladies keep you’re ears and eyes glued to them #nohomo, by this I mean, the own a poem and present it to a non-poetic person like me and it sounds COOLEST, they put life to it, expression and gist. #ILike

Then there are this two gentlemen:  Kevin ‘Nemesis’ Gachuma and Daddie Marto. This dudes made me laugh off my chair…like literally. They are poets cum stand up comedians…they were imitating the likes of a 40yr old Kikuyu man trying to vybe a young girl, Kibaki and Raila conversing…then the killer is when Daddie or is it Marto was singing songs and joining them …i.e if they have the same beats or words PS: YOU NEED TO HEAR TO UNDERSTAND … I laughed to rib aches.


I’m speaking from a non-poetic point of view, I never thought I would attend a poet reading/recital and enjoy. The only poem I wrote, was a lame one on life…lol

WamathaiEx proved me wrong, that I can actually go for a poets events and enjoy to the fullest. They are funny, witty and hilarious. Trust me, it’s fun. Maybe you should just look out for the next one, which I bet is next month or soon, but I’ll let you know the moment it’s advertised, if I’m in the know.

Otherwise it was a job well done.. and I have no complaints. Though am sure with time it will get better and better.KUDOS!!

Lovely weekend my peoples.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*