We all have problems *Thin Line*

There’s no doubt that between opposites lies a very thin line that is bound to break at slight touch or blunder.

Why I even thought of this is because, many are the times we are at our happiest and someone just says or does something that’ll totally tick you off. Not that you had planned or wanted to become mad, it just so happened that this person who was making you so happy, just broke the that cord that was separating happiness and sadness and all over sudden there’s a sad cloud is over you. That’s why you would hear friends saying they have a “love-hate relationship”, don’t know how that works out though.

It’s not necessarily always from the positive to the negative, it could be vice versa. Sometimes I wonder why that line was made so thin, so delicate. One time you can be laughing and the next someone is getting a black eye or tears are rolling down your cheeks, then the next time you are smiling at the same person. All it takes is something as small as a gesture, a statement or an action that you probably thought would have a small or no impact, but to the other party it was much bigger than what you thought.

More like a smoker throwing a cigarette butt out the window in the aim of putting it out but instead it causes a fire.

Not that they had anticipated that it’ll cause the fire, it hadn’t even crossed their mind that anything like that could happen. Such is life, sometimes you could do something thinking you’re doing it right or better yet doing it to your own satisfaction (ok, that sounds wrong but I guess you get the point … hehe)but when it gets to the other side it causes a change of emotions, it could stir feelings that you hadn’t anticipated.

With reference, to the smoker, it would be nice if they looked out to see if the surrounding is clear and safe for them to throw out the cigarette butt. And if it’s not, maybe wait to throw it in a decent place. So should we, when you pull out a statement from your archives maybe you could consider where it’s landing … person, action, time, place!

You could be telling the right person, the right thing at the right time but at the wrong place and that messes up the whole set up.

That little things you overlook could be the source of all the problems. And that’s why, problems are never-ending. They’re inevitable and unavoidable, solely because people are all different. You can please one with something and the same thing could be an issue to another. The best one could do is figure how to deal with all this problems and issues that keep cropping up left, right and maybe center … then life moves on!


BREAKING NEWS: “The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of SUCK IT UP & MOVE ON, and crashed into WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS, before coming to a complete stop at GET THE HELL OVER IT.”
Lol, there was a continuation to that quote, but it’s was better off left there. Have a good day mates!
Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*