W(h)acky Wednesday

My alarm rings and I snooze as usual, it’s a mastered routine he he. Today I had a valid excuse though, it was raining hard…pounding and as a normal human being *cough* that just calls for some snuggling of the duvet. It then ceased and I woke up to do the usual morning activities. As am just about to get out of the house to head to work, talk of bad luck, it started raining again, heavily! Oh well, it’s just rain. If you know me well okay not so, you know I don’t really love the rain unless I’m warm and cosy, watching a movie or sleeping otherwise it just spoils…it’s a spoiler.

So I get the big umbrella and start my walk to work, which on a Sunny day, I love to bits. But today, I had to jump puddles, avoid splashes from the rain and passing cars and what not. Then as I’m in my own happy world okay, not so happy because of the rain, a motorists just assumes I’m a walking log and basically drives past me leaving me a second shower of the day.

Let’s just say, today I exuded quite a number of emotions at one go, I even shocked myself. From “Oh my, to oh no, to what the fuck, to I swear if I had a gun, to crap I need to go back home, to I need to call my colleague and tell her I have to go back and change, to arrrrghhh just smile and go to work like that.” I was dripping water, from my hair to my feet. Since when do people get that heartless? I mean you’re driving, you’re warm, cosy and ‘safe’, why in the world would you want to make some innocent pedestrian miserable on Wednesday morning key word here being ‘Morning’, worse yet, it’s raining? The number of times I’ve told myself, Kawiria you need a car for the rainy days…lol, now I really need one *drills words into head*, working towards that #ProjectBuyaCar

So after my emotions went back to normal and I’m still walking to the office as drenched as I was. I was now thinking to myself, what worse could happen now, like I could just fall flat face into a puddle or trip or walk into something like a tree…lol. It’s the thoughts that were keeping me sane, in case you saw me on the road smiling or looking like I’m forming one, that is what was probably running through my head. I couldn’t wait to get to the office and whine, whine, whine about the eventful morning. Yeah, that I did. I’m now patiently drying off.

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.”  ~ Nicholas Sparks

In other non-related news, John Legend never lets me down 🙂 that’s my song of the day. I’m still oogling *_* and the lyrics, oh my. Thanks @Nkirdizzle

Today is the day I could do with day brighteners now that I’m soaked and cold (yeah, trust me to just go on and on about it. I hope you feel woiye for me). So at the moment I’m finding myself craving things like…

Where do they make hot chocolate like this? could just have me some of that. Plus a cookie to chase it 🙂
Day's I dream of my duvet and heavy socks while at work

Basically, that’s how my day started, not the best but definitely not the worst either. It was just bad with a bad hair to show for it, hoping no cold or allergies.

 Now you can buy me a steers burger, give me a hug or just smile and turn that ‘Whacky’ into ‘Wacky’ Wednesday. Have an awesome one yourself.

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi