What Does Your Typical Weekend Look Like?

Well, for once I’ve decided to describe how my typical weekend would look like, this past one was one of those. Initially, my main plan besides having a beautiful talk with young high-school girls on Saturday dubbed Real Talk, was to also take some time out and have a good time. Actually let’s just be candid and say wildin’ out a bit, others would call it a turn up. But I have a love-hate relationship with that word, because any time I say turn up, it really ends up being a mess, a hangover mess. I’d have loved to just go out to a place with amazing music, dance, catch up with friends and enjoy some nice yummy cocktails. I love dancing, my friends would back me up on this one, it makes me happy.

However, the weather didn’t cooperate, it was just lousy. With all the down pour and the flooding, going out of the house didn’t seem like a wise or exciting plan any more, Netflix did. But instead of just letting this desire of wildin’ out die a natural death, we decided to kick it indoors. Together with the hubby, we called up our best couple. They’re one of the most laid back and spontaneous people I know, and asked them whether they wanted to hang out for the remaining bit of the weekend. I was just asking for formalities sake, but as long as they’re not up to something else, that’s usually a definite yes. And little did we know, this was the best idea ever.

Whenever we are together, it’s usually a feast because we all shamelessly love food and just trying out new recipes in the kitchen. You know when they ask,

Name at least one thing that holds you together as friends?

I think we would confidently say that its food and exploring the different ways we can cook it, while still kicking stories on current affairs. Even though it’s very easy for me to cook food the same way out of just sheer laziness, they challenge me to do it differently. I also learn a lot while at it with them and get a lot of inspiration.

To start off, on Sunday evening we made some yummy cocktails for the ladies, while the men had their mannish whiskey. This was then followed up with some finger licking pork chops prepared by the pork master himself – and of course the usual accompaniments, Ugali and Sukuma wiki for dinner. The pork, the pork, the pork (slurp) it’s like I always have to reset my palette after this meal because it takes me to a place I can’t even begin to describe. And it happens every single time. Well the recipe keeps evolving and I think that’s the beauty of it. One day I’ll ask him to do a guest blog post.

Pork, Weekend, Tasty Delights

The only recipe I can confidently share today is the rum cocktail (face palm), because it didn’t involve any guess work. We knew exactly what we wanted with it from the beginning. Just mix,

  • Barcadi Rum (double)
  • Mixed Berry (substantial amount)
  • Sprite (for the fizzy taste)
  • Feel the kick!

Cocktails, Rum Based, Weekend, Tasty Delights, Kawi Snippets

The following day, since we were still feeling experimental with the ingredients available in the kitchen, Mike and I decided to try out a couple of ‘guess work’ recipes. You know the kind you just raid your pantry and pick out ingredients that you have in there that you feel would make an extremely yummy, healthy and filling meal. Eventually we ended up making a rice dish, a beef stew dish and a veggie fry mix dish. And that’s in a nutshell how wild my weekend ended up being.

Rice Dish, Tasty Delights, Kawi Snippets
Boiled rice fried with onions, eggs and crashed spices.
Veggies, Veggie Fry Mix, tasty Delights, Kawi Snippets
A combination of vegetables (carrots, corn, green pepper, peas) mixed and fried with butter, crashed spices, soy, vinegar, onions and garlic.
Beef Curry/Stew, Tasty Delights, Kawi Snippets
Fried beef cooked in a special home made curry.

At least we have many more weekends in the year to make the most of, though maybe not as many strategically placed holidays. I realized the other day that Koroga Festival falls this Sunday, 8th May 2016, which is also Mother’s Day. And as usual, they’ve lined up a couple of amazing African Artists. After missing out on Papa Wemba’s (May his soul rest in eternal peace) performance, I figured the only way I am going to come closest to interacting with African music and experiencing the Artists do live and mostly lively performances is by attending these festivals. Now that they’ve made that concerted effort to bring them to Kenya, I will also make that concerted effort to attend them – because great artists and their great music need to be appreciated while they’re still here with us.

I remember having a conversation with my colleagues on the reasons we attend festivals and concerts, and they were all about the artists. For me though, truth be told, it’s always about the vibe around the place and not so much about the artist coming down (hides face) – it’s the people, and yes, the overall entertainment (music, food, drinks) – like, will this set up make me feel light-spirited, carefree and happy about life, will it be guaranteed that I’ll have an all-round amazing time. The few times I’ve attended Koroga Festival I got that, and especially because it’s on a Sunday, it keeps me absolutely grounded. After that sunny Sunday, the Monday is quite blue, but definitely worth it. But just to know whether I’m alone with my reasons…

Why would you attend a Festival or Concert? OR Why would you NOT attend a Festival or Concert?


Get your advance tickets here by the way, because apparently they won’t be selling any tickets at the entrance gate. Just a heads up! Hope to see you there, because that’s my new plan for the coming weekend. I also hope it will be Sunny!

Have a warm rest of the week and may you be well into the path of realizing your dreams. Blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*