What Doesn’t Kill You

Only makes you stronger!

You know those days you wake up feeling some type of way? Well, today I woke up feeling like I just need to drop that line for somebody. Maybe it’s also because it’s the first song I heard when I woke up yesterday after a back-breaking weekend. Again, all for a good cause, #SaveAMum walk was everything and a little more. Thanks for turning up in great numbers. Your presence was felt. I hope you had some good fun and took a couple of selfies, I did.

I'm such a big fan, it's ridiculous.
I’m such a big fan of H_Art The Band, it’s ridiculous.

Back to my line. Thing is, we all go through different struggles and challenges. It may be a sporadic or an everyday occurrence. It’s through these challenges that we experience progress. It’s through the struggle that we can say that we have really lived, because you have conquered something. And that makes you look forward to what tomorrow brings.

At times, when you’re going through a situation, you tend to feel like you’re the only one in the world going through it. That the spotlight is on you, and everyone is watching you, waiting to see how it unravels. Truth be told, everyone is going through a situation, whether it’s a struggle or a challenge. It may not seem as intense in comparison to yours, or so you may think. We love comparing, hence the “you just don’t know what I’m going through” remarks. The fact still remains that everyone is fighting a battle, some you may know of, others you may not know of.

I was just thinking of this because sometimes a friend may open up to you to be there for them as they fight their battle. And you may not even understand why it’s a battle in the first place. When you are looking from the outside, you don’t understand the impact the situation they’re battling has on them, because it’s their struggle, it’s their challenge. So you can simply shrug it off and say something like “let go and move on” or “let go and let God” or “don’t dwell on that”, and expect them to do exactly that.

But maybe that’s not how they deal. Everyone fights their battles in their own special. It may be a strategy that works for you, but it may not necessarily be what works for them. So if they want to dwell on it, to sleep on it, to try work it out … let them be. What I have realized is that when it comes to battles, and you’re there as the cheerleader or spectator, just remind your friend that, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”


“Tough times don’t last, only tough people do.”

When you go through a situation – especially one that poses itself as a challenge or struggle, sooner rather than later, it becomes an experience. An experience that eventually turns into a lesson. Because you can’t have gone through it and not picked a thing or two from it. The lessons give you an upper hand in life, because first it toughens you up and second, you can use it as your armor. Should a similar or related situation ever arise, you now know how to deal with it, because you’ve been there, done that. And that, that’s how you become stronger.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi Snippets*