What Kind of Reader Are You?

Every time I walk into the book store with the aim of getting myself an interesting book to read, I am hit with a serious wave of confusion, and I mean, absolute confusion. I almost feel like a child who’s walked into a room with a display of assorted candy and has been asked to just choose one. What does the kid chose the candy based on; is it the packaging, the flavor, the ingredients, the placement or what their friend told them to try out?

Book Store, Books First, TRM

Location: Books First, Nakumatt, TRM.

Save for the times I have all the information I need; the book genre, writer and title, which are rare. There are times I just want to go see what’s there and make a random pick. At one point I want this, the next, I have seen something else that might seem more interesting. Only to read the synopsis and think, nah nah! And then go back to what I’d once picked and reconsider, but I still want to see what other options are there. It’s complicated. It’s worse when I have tagged someone along, because I seem pretty uncertain about what I want.

Choosing a book to read is such a serious affair for me, and to date I still haven’t quite identified a solid formula to do so, because there are way too many books and amazing writers out there. Besides the few tactics I use; waiting to see what a friend is reading and their verdict on whether it’s a good read or nah; Reading the synopsis of the book – and trying to evaluate its level of captivation based on that little description back there; and skimming through reviews by other readers to see what they said about this book, hence why I eventually started the book review section.

I’m not a complex reader per se, and by that I mean you won’t find me reading biographies, Sci-Fi’s or ones that narrate historical events et al – they tire me out. I know people who swear by them, it’s quite remarkable, and respectable too. At one point my concentration span goes to zero, and I can barely read past a line on these books. I re-read and it just doesn’t make sense any more. Actually, that was the reason I had stopped reading for a while, because in as much as I enjoyed reading, I hadn’t figured what kind of reader I was, and if I had, I wasn’t I confident enough. So I would struggle to fit in with the ‘geniuses’, because those are the books they would talk about and recommend as intellectually stimulating. You just look like a smart ass holding one, leave alone reading. It’s laughable now, but that struggle was real. I tried, I really did.

Well, I came to realize that I’m shamelessly more of an easy-reader and a fun-chaser when it comes to my choice of books. I love stories, stories of any kind, especially ones I can relate to. Those that are at least closer to the reality of what people go through in real-life. Those are the kind that appeal to my reading palate.

What kind of reader are you?

My last visit to the book store had me torn between Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson and The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I chose the latter, but since Christmas is around the corner, the former might just be my next read to get me umped for the season.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*